Travel guide to earth

By Zach colthorp

Hawaii islands

There is very nice weather there it's hot and there are a lot of pools to go swimming in. The one bad thing is that watch where you live because there are a lot of active volcanoes that spray extremely hot lava. One way you can rationalize the earth is continents Hawaii is in North America 1 of the 7 Continents. If you ever visit Hawaii you should either visit the ocean or some of the famous volcanoes they have there. You should bring some shorts, swimsuit, t-shirts and more hot weather clothes or anything else you would need like sunscreen and maybe a map too.

Grand canyon

The best thing About the Grand Canyon is either sight seeing or the hot weather. The hardest thing to do there is definitely the rock climbing. One way u can divide the earth into regions is time zones the Grand Canyon is in the western time zone. You should visit some caves at the Grand Canyon or some rivers. You should bring some hiking clothes for hiking.
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The Grand Canyon

Aruba islands

If your in Aruba the best thing is the hot weather. The bad thing is just watch where you live or stay because of volcanoes. One way you can divide the earth into regions is climate zones. If you go to Aruba you should visit the oceans and some landmarks they are very pretty. If you go there watch out for some scary animals and volcanoes. You should pack some shorts, t-shirts and sunscreen and more. Take photos if you have the chance.

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