Protect the Leatherback Turtle

By: Thomas Boston

Leatherback turtle

The leatherback turtle is the largest turtle in the world. These turtles are very peaceful and are not dangerous to humans. Humans catch these poor turtles and do not let them live. They would not affect your farm. The leatherback is the only sea turtle that has a leathery shell and not a hard shell. If all of these get killed, than there will be no turtle that has a leathery shell.

Question 1

Farming can affect the Biodiversity because of pesticides that farmers use. These pesticides can kill the plants, animals, and other living things in the biosphere. For this reason, plants and animal populations will start to decrease in size.

Question 2

They would reduce pesticide use because if the wind blows it into water, it could kill animals and plants in the water.

Question 3

If trees would be cut down, animals would lose their habitat and maybe even their food. Animals will then either die or migrate somewhere else.

Question 4

Animals that were in the water would die because of lack of water. Also, other animals would not have water to drink. Without water, the animals can not survive for a long time.

Question 5

We should restore the wetlands because the animals will then survive. If they are not restored then there could be a decrease in animal and plant population.