Week of March 21-25, 2016

Kindergarten Reading, Math and Core Studies


You can still order yearbooks! They cost $20.00. Make sure you fill out the 1/2 sheet of pink paper sent home on Thursday and send it in with your payment. They will not be personalized, but they will highlight your chid's Kindergarten year at Granite Quarry Elementary School.

There will be No School on Friday, March 25-April 1, 2016. Students will be on Spring Break at this time. We will see them bright and early on April 4, 2016 when we return.

Rise and Shine Tutoring and Breakfast

We will resume Rise and Shine Tutoring at 7:05 AM the week we return from Spring Break, April 4, 2016. Make sure you're child is on time to participate! Also, remember every student is invited to breakfast. It is free for every student and offers some very yummy choices.

Reading Standards & High Frequency Words of the Week

Words of the week: Who, her, then, get, away, came, could, why

***Please make sure you are studying these words each day! There will be a spelling test this week.***

RF.K.3C Read common high-frequency words by sight.

RI.K.1 With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

I can read, write and spell my high-frequency words.

I can ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

High Frequency words (also known as Sight Words) are words that students need to be able to read with fluency, on sight. It is through continued practice that students are able to do this skill. Nightly reading, and actively participating in reading with others is a great way to build this skill.

Make learning fun!

-Get out in your community and see how many sight words you can find.

-See how many sight words you can make that start with the first letter of your name.

-How many words can you identify in the grocery store? At the mall? While you're traveling?

-Can you make any sight words/HF words out of license plate letters?

Smarty Ants

If you aren't taking advantage of the awesome learning experiences of Smarty Ants outside of the classroom, now is an awesome time to start! It is highly engaging and students enjoy choosing their own learning adventures. Make sure you're checking it out!

Discovery Education

What is your child interested in? Did you know that on Discovery Education, you all can look up any subject in the search bar? Also, did you know that you could take virtual field trips on Discovery Education? There are so many fun, academic things your child can do, and you will be amazed by the information they will learn!

Math Standards this week

K.CC.2 & 3- Standard Clusters: Know number names and the count sequence.

K.CC.2-Count forward from a given number.

K.CC.3- Write numbers 0-20.

K.CC.4 & 5-Standard Clusters: Count to tell the number of objects.

K.CC.4- Connect counting to cardinality.

K.CC.5- How many?

K.CC.6 & 7 Standard Clusters: Compare Numbers

K.CC.6- Greater than/Less than.

K.CC.7- Compare numbers