North Q&A

By: Arthur Fairchild

Interactive Environment

In CMSN every student has an interactive I-Pad. The apps we use the most are Blackboard and Notability. They are both very interactive. We use Sketchbook Express, Inspirations, 30 Hands, and Educreations.


In PE you run 1 mile 2 times a week. You will do push ups everyday. Sometimes you will play basketball, soccer, or football. you could lose points by being late or not dressing out

Athletics Start Times

Football and volleyball start at the end of summer. When school starts, 7th grade will have to be in roll call at 6:15 in the morning. This is for every sport. Then after a few games, the time goes to a 7:00 start time.


In middle school you don't get recess. If you choose to do P.E., it is 51 minutes everyday. Everyone gets 30 minutes for lunch. You also get 4 minutes for passing periods between each class.

Dress Code

The dress code at North is simple. There's no hats. Shorts have to be finger tip length with your arms down. There's no tank tops for boys and girls.