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Often times, there tends to be a focus on what's going wrong and a lack of attention on what's going right. NOT ANYMORE! You all do such wonderful things for this organization and it's time to start highlighting it!

Anytime you do something great, AIESEC-related or not, snapchat it with #achievement and send it to @bscedarblade so we can put you in the spotlight!

Each and every one of you makes an instrumental impact on AIESEC in Eau Claire and we couldn't do this without all of us working together as a team and as a family.


Do you still want to make March the month for disruptive growth in AIESEC in Eau Claire?! We have 2 weeks left in March! 2 weeks to try everything and anything we can to make an impact and achieve our March goals! I believe that we can do it! But not alone, we all have to work together and rely on each other and we can make March the best month yet for AIESEC in Eau Claire!
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IXP (Integrated Experience)

What would it look like if 20 members from our LC went on an exchange this summer?

What could that do for our LC? What could that do for you?

All of you said that you want to go on an exchange... so let's stop talking about it and DO IT! We are selling these cross-cultural exchanges to everybody else, but are we selling it to ourselves? If you really want to make an impact and want to go abroad, guess what, there's a match waiting for you! Whether it be on the sandy beaches of Brazil working on a marketing project or in the vibrant streets of Mexico City teaching children. You literally have AIESEC at your fingertips. Excuses are for the people who don't want it bad enough.

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Opportunities Portal

Go on an exchange!

OCP at Fall RoKS!

Loved Spring RoKS? Want to get more involved? Apply to be the OCP! (Organizing Committee President)

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