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One of the major problems in Antarctica is whaling. Japan has been killing whales for "research" but of coarse when they are finished with the whales they eat them, selling their meat and fat than kill even more whales for "research". Will japan stop after all Japan did start whaling around the 1860's.

Stop whaling NOW

Whaling has been a major problem in the world. In 2012 a total of 424 whales were killed. But sadly form 2005-2006 1,243 whales were killed for yet again "research". With more whales becoming defenseless, whales will soon become extinct if someone doesn't stop Japan in their tracks!!!!

Pacific Campaign

A campaign that Japan set up in the Pacific has been closed due to 115 whales being killed in two and a half months. Harpooning is a strong way to kill something it's like tearing wings off a fly and letting it live a slow and painful death. In Japan whaling has been ruled illegal by the international court of justice.