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April 2016 - Open Up!

Spring has sprung

It is not hard to notice that the flowers buds have opened, umbrellas are still opened, and spring is in the air. Speaking of open...we are focusing on Open Educational Resources (aka OER) this month.

In this month's open themed Monthl(e):

Open Textbook Workshop * Train Up at UCCOnline * New in Canvas + Tips * Badge Of the Month * Teacher Feature * Quote Challenge/Comments

Open Textbooks at UCC and Open Textbook Workshop

An open textbook has an open copyright license that allows the user to read, download or print the book at no additional cost. The following instructors at UCC have adopted open textbooks in some of their classes: Ken Carloni, Toni Clough, Mick Davis, Martha Joyce, Stuart Kramer, Paul Morgan, Kari Moore. Stop them and ask how it is going for them!

Some students from the classes using an open textbook were asked what does it mean to them to have an open textbook. Obviously they were thrilled about the cost savings and here are some direct quotes from the students:

Earn $200 to review an open textbook!

Help Lower Textbook Costs for Students

Are you an instructor who is concerned about the impact of high textbook costs on your students? Explore possible open textbook solutions by attending a workshop and writing a review of a textbook in the Open Textbook Library. Receive a $200 stipend for your efforts!

What can you do to receive a stipend:
  • Step 1: Visit the Open Textbook Library and choose a texbook in your field to review. If you need help or have questions about selecting a book, please contact Jennifer Lantrip. If an open textbook is not available for your course/discipline, you are welcome to attend the workshop but will not be eligible for a stipend.
  • Step 2: Attend the Open Textbook Workshop - a one-hour session where you can discover open textbooks in your field.
  • Step 3: After the workshop, you'll be asked to write a review of an open textbook in your field. This review must be completed by Friday, June 3, 2016. Your review will benefit other faculty considering open textbooks. You'll receive a $200 stipend for your participation and completed written review.

What: Open Textbook Workshop and Textbook Review

Where: ESB 33 (next to UCCOnline)

When: Choose one for the following dates from 12pm-1pm

  • April 19, 20, 21, 22

Who: Workshop will be led by Jennifer Lantrip (Reference Librarian) and Jeanine Lum (eLearning Specialist).

Note: Come early for coffee and feel free to bring your lunch!

Register now for a workshop!

Train Up @UCCOnline

20% of UCC employees are trained up in Accessibility. The target date for campus completion is May 31st. Let's show our students with disabilities (and the Civil Rights auditors) that we are dedicated to student success! Below are some face to face sessions to complete the course in 1 hour or complete it online in 2 hours. Questions? Contact Danielle Haskett 440-7655.

AccessAbility Face-to-Face Sessions: Come learn and earn (your badge) with Danielle Haskett in room ESB 33.

  • April 12 - (10 am)
  • April 27 - (3 pm)
  • May 12 - (2 pm)

Contact UCCOnline for your personalized training in Canvas, Films on Demand or Ultra.

New in Canvas + Tips

New: Have you checked out Course Analytics recently? They have improved now to include Page Views and more! To check analytics within any course, click on "View Course Analytics" in the top right menu.

Tip: Looking for your courses? Star your favorites! Watch a video on how to "star" your courses.

New Courses: Congrats go out to Larry Bahr for his completion of development of WQT261. Props to Nancy Horne for her QM review of the course!

Badge of the Month: Open Educational Resources (OER)

Earn a new badge! Attend one of the Open Textbook workshops hosted by Jennifer Lantrip (schedule above) or share with us how you adopted an open educational resource in your class.

Badge Updates

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