Command Economy

By: Isaac Plancarte, Jonathan Plancarte, Alexis Jones

About Command Economy

  • Central governing authority makes all of the major economic decisions
  • Severely limit private property rights
  • The government owns most of the resources in the country

Advantages of a Command Economy

  • It can change drastically
  • It allows most citizens to receive some goods and services that they would other wise not be able to afford
  • Major economic decisions are made for the people not by them


  • Leaders usually provide for themselves at the expense of the general population
  • The loss of the individual freedom to choose
  • low quality goods


No it would not be viable because the government will become corrupt; "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" - John Dalberg-Acton. Especially right after a war, the leaders will become greedy and will use more money on themselves for their own sake and would not worry about the citizens
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Dinero, juego y corrupción de narcos