WRW Australian Author- Mem Fox

by Annelise Hardman

When and where was she born:

Mem Fox was born in Melbourne Australia in the year 1946. When Mem Fox was 6 months old her and her family moved to Africa because her parents are missionaries.

What was her Childhood like:

When she was child she lived in Adelaide. While Mem was in Africa she attended school there where she was an only white kid there and made loads of friends. When she was over in Africa Mem and her friends her write letters to each other by using the rocks and bark that they could then as mem fox grew up she started using pencils and paper

Where did she go to school:

Mem Fox went to a college in Melbourne where she studied to be an author. Mem also went to a drama college to be and teacher and teaches kids about drama and acting also to express their feelings

What was her first employment:

Mem’ Fox’s first job was a storyteller which means she reads stories for all little kids also she was a missionary worker to Zimbabwe where helped families there who are left fortunate then us.

When did she become a writer:

Mem became a writer in 1966 as she was inspired by her mom who was also an author all though at first Mem didn't want to be an author she wanted to work in the drama business but she then became a writer because she also just like to read books.

How many books have she written?

Mem Fox has written 44 books including:

  • Possum Magic (1983) illustrated by Julie Vivas

  • Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge (1984) illustrated by Julie Vivas

  • A Cat called Kite (1985) illustrated by K. Hawley

  • Zoo-Looking (1986) illustrated by Rodney McRae.

  • Just Like That (1986) with Kilmeny Niland

  • A Bedtime Story (1987) illustrated by Sisca Verwoert

What sort of novels are they?

The sort of novels that men fox writes includes children's books, biography's, informational and non fiction and fiction books

Does she spend her adult life in Australia

Mem Fox did spend her adult life in Australia she got married to a guy called Malcolm Fox who is teacher. Mem was born in Melbourne then went to Zimbabwe then went to England then back here Mem came back to Australia 1970 and in the year 1971 so a year later Mem and Malcolm gave to their only baby Chloe Fox who is now a part in the ALP members of the South Australian Parliament

Possum Magic

  1. Possum magic is about a Grandma Hush (the possum) and baby hush (another possum) traveling to Australia and hush is scared so Grandma Hush try making the time of Hush's life he tries laminations, Vegemite on toast and pavlova.

2. The two main characters in this book include A Grandma Possum and a baby Possum who out for an adventure to the outback.

3. The main ideas in this book is all about adventures and trying something new the main theme is adventurous

4. In this book because it is kids book there is no chapters or sections in this book there is around 27 pages

5. I like the characters all though they are possums i still think the characters are great especially so that kids can learn all about Australia

Are the novels particularly Australian in any way? Consider the language, attitudes, values, characters – how ‘Australian’ do they seem to be?

This book is extremely Australian because it is about possum's who eat vegemite, pavlova and lamingtons and who play backyard cricket which is very Australian

Guess What?

  1. Guess What is about woman who has secretly got witchy powers so can turn anyone into anything she likes but she doesn't tell her secret to anyone till nearly the end of the book.

2. The characters in this book include the witch and the three little kids there is no relation between these characters they only no each other as strangers the with is bit shy and the kids are really playful.

3. The themes displayed in this book mystery but main ideas are that there is a with but she doesn't anyone to know about it till the ned of the book

4. Once again this book is a children's book it has around 30 pages and no chatters or sections

5. There is rhyme and rhythm in this book also there is a little bit of repletion.

6. I don't really the characters in this book because i reckon the with could of let the at out of the bag and told everyone that she was a witch instead of keeping a secret.

Are the novels particularly Australian in any way? Consider the language, attitudes, values, characters – how ‘Australian’ do they seem to be?

I don't think this book is Austrlian in any way because mainly witches are sort of in America and not really an Australian tradition.

Where is the Green Sheep

1. Where's the green sheep is about a farmer who has lots of different coloured sheep and when he went to rounded up he found that one of his sheep were missing and it was the free sheep.

2. The characters in this are the sheep and the farmer, the relation is they are all part of one family because they are really close the farmer is one of those who just want the best for his sheep and the sheep are quite cheeky.

3. The main themes of this book is adventure but the main ideas of this book is the fact that the farmer just wants round his sheep up when he didn't know one of the sheep was going to go missing.

4. This book mainly written in repetition and rhyme and rhythm.

5. I don't really mind the characters in this I just think the farmer is doing he is duty as a farmer and the sheep are a bit strange because they are all colourful but other then that i think this book is really book

Are the novels particularly Australian in any way? Consider the language, attitudes, values, characters – how ‘Australian’ do they seem to be?

The green sheep is a little bit Australian because of how the farmers acts with his accent.