Save Water!

A PSA by Edward, Ben and Chad

Where does Texan water come from?

Well, texas has 2 main water supplys, the biggest is the Ogallala aquifer. this aquifer is under 8 states and covers 175,000 sq miles. it is thought to hold over 975 trillion gallons of water. As the aquifer is relatively close to the surface, people can easily tap into it and take the water. The second main supply is the Rio Grande river, while the Ogallala river irrigates northern Texas the Rio Grande irrigates thousands of sq miles in western texas. it also supplies El Paso

will we run out of water?

we will never run out of water, but we will have severe droughts which will cause drastic change with how much water we have access to. as long as it rains, we'll have water. But the Ogallala aquifer, Texas main water supply has recently been protected for the near future with the 50/50 plan ( 50/50 plan is to limit the amount of water that can be taken per acre of land) it hopes to keep 50% of the aquifer until 2050.

Why conserve water?

What took millions of years for nature to create, has taken man 50 years to almost halve!

The Ogallala aquifer was created over millions of years. But in the last 50 humans have managed to take nearly half of the water inside it. The Rio grande isn't much better either, as tensions continues to rise over which state owns the water rights to it, New Mexico or Texas.

Impacts on ecology

Our daily water usage can have a large impact on ecology.By using to much water people can eventually tap out all the water in the underground aquifier leaving them nothing to use during times of drought.

How can you conserve water?

Well, unless you're in the agriculture business you can't do much. But every little helps, we can all lower our water usage by taking shorter showers, maybe 5 minutes instead of 10 or 15, only putting our sprinklers on for a few hours a day, and turning the faucet off when you brush your teeth.

Also the state of Texas has a big part in this. First of all, they could use less water in public sprinklers, maybe only using them for a few hours a week. Next, they could limit the water supply given to public places like schools and government work places, i'm not saying that the state should force us to drink less in these places, but just to give public places enough water for people, without going over the amount needed. Next, and probably the most important, is to urge the citizens of Texas to use less water.

Finally if farmers use new watering techniques then they can drastically change the amount of water they use. they take up to 70% of all water supply's so it really is up to them to reduce water consumption.

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