Staff Reminders

Please keep these items in mind to help BILC be great!

  • Be sure you are double checking closing items before you check them off. There have been several days when the playground was left not picked up for example.
  • Check that devices are plugged in before locking up.
  • Sand must stay IN the sand box. Not be carried around or spilled over the edge.
  • Please use the tablecloths for glue and projects. If you forget please take the time to scrub any gunk off the table.

  • You are expected to be ready to work at your scheduled time. This does mean to arrive a few minutes early to park, walk in, and to organize your personal things. Do not sign in until you have taken care of all this and are ready to be in ratio. Let me know if you are running late so I do not worry.

  • Engage with children indoors and on the playground. We need to be in close enough proximity to head off potential conflicts and safety issues before they are a problem. Parents do pay us to play with their children. Children greatly benefit from personal attention near the closing time too.

  • Hold children to the BILC 3R's expectations - help them be good and have fun!
  • We are still looking for more students to join this summer. Recruit some to get more hours!

  • Be sure to communicate with one another often. Such as when numbers drop and you need to combine classes, radio before escorting kids to a new teacher. Or, when preparing groups and activities, do so with plenty of time to spare before the bus arrives.

  • Please use the food containers instead of zip loc baggies whenever possible. It is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Keeping parents happy is one key to retaining clients.

  • Hours, raises, and responsibilities are based on performance. It is noticed when you: tend to the little things; are prepared with activities and offer variety of activities; take time to clean things like chairs, shelves, toys; come in with energy and ready for a fun shift; add ideas to the idea board and follow through on them; offer suggestions for improved center efficiency and cost savings, and... having fun with the kids and parents!