Avian Flu

🐓 The Avian Flu is also known as the Bird Flu 🐓

How Do You Avoid Getting The Avian Flu?

You can avoid the Avian Flu by not eating undercooked poultry(chicken ,eggs ),avoid being in contact with wild birds especially geese,ducks and chickens.

Which People Are Most Likely to get Avian Flu?

You are most likely to get this flu if you are a poultry farmer,a traveler visiting affected areas,exposed to infected birds,someone who eats undercooked eggs or chicken or a healthcare person working with infected people.

Other names for the Avian Flu is H5N1 and the Bird Flu

How Can I Get Rid of The Avian Flu?

There are types of treatments for different types of the Avian Flu.Different types of the Avian Flu can cause different symptoms but medicines like oseltamivir and zanamivir can help reduce the severity of the disease .

The areas the Avian Flu has arrived

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Many things can have the Avian Flu

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What Are The Symptoms For The Avian Flu?

The symptoms for the Avian Flu otherwise known as the Bird Flu is coughing ,diarrhea ,respiratory difficulties , fever, muscle aches, runny nose, sore throat and malaise. The Avian Flu is very deadly too.

How Many People Have The Avian Flu in Canada?

Not many people have the Avian flu in Canada just about one hundred to one hundred fifty people in Canada have the Avian Flu and about fifty people die from the Avian Flu in Canada.Many more people die from the Avian Flu in a lot of other countries.

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