Dakota McNair


A Tsunami is a big ocean wave product by earthquakes, volcanos, and meteorite. A Tsunami can travel up to 450-600mph and can be miles long. Multiple waves will come and hit land. The first wave is normally the most destructive. The time after each wave is 5-90 minutes and then the waves get smaller and smaller. Sometimes tsunamis can be unpredictable because you don't know when they come but sometimes they are able to be known to come and hit a coast of a country because of an earthquake around the world


How Strong can a Tsunami be

Tsunami waves can get big, they can get up to 60 miles long or 100 kilometers and as far as 1hour apart a tsunami in the Indian Ocean traveled as much as 3,000 miles nearly 5,000 kilometers. Tsunamis can get as high as 100ft or 30m.