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Bill Gates dragged out of ruff

Bill Gates in the ruff

As a child Bill Gates was always fascinated with the newest technology and how it worked. He excelled at board games, and was very competitive as a kid with 2 sisters, one younger and one older. He met Paul Allen at the age of 15, which will be his partner in making softwares. Sometime into schooling Paul and Bill make a computer program called Trap-O-Data which made traffic patterns in Seattle. This program will later fail, while they move to different colleges. 2 years into college Paul drops out and later Bill joins him to start on a new company. Start the ragging!

Bill Gates dragged out

Around this time a company in New Mexico, makes a computer called Altair. Paul and Bill are fascinated, so they call to see if they are interested in any software designers, they were. In 1975, Paul and Bill make the software Microsoft, which we all know very well. 3 years later 1978, The company's net worth will now be over $2.5 million. Bill Gates is only 23!!