Flower Pots vs Flower Pots

By. Cody Martin

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this experiment is to figure out what kind of flower pot works the best. The reason I became interested in this experiment is my Dad claims that his work makes the best flower pot. The information gained will help people in that it will help people decide on which flower pot to buy in the future.

Background Research

A flower pot is a container in which flowers and other plants are cultivated and displayed. Way back flower pots were made of terracotta and still is sometimes used today. Flower pots are more made out of now from stone, wood, plastic, or sometimes biodegradable materials. These biodegradable pots are called jiffy’s and are often found with holes in the bottom and can be planted straight in the ground with no harm to the environment. Some flower pots can have self watering systems now so you don’t have to forget watering the plants.

Flowers have been used for many ways over the years from dye, food, decoration, funerals, and science. Flowers absorb as much light as possible this is to attract pollinators the common rose absorbs 99.7% of light across a broad spectrum. Flowers normally absorb lights in the yellow or blue range. Flowers have gained many different symbolism like a rose represents love and beauty or daisies are a symbol of innocence. You don’t get pollen allergies from flowers but the plain non flowering plants that create a dry pollen that tends to make you sneeze.


My hypothesis is the 30% biodegradable material (or light brown) will do the best. I believe this because biodegradable material will make it grow faster then the rest.


5 different flower pots

1 bag of soil ( or get it from outside)

1 packet of flower seeds ( preferably 50 seeds)

water for the plants


1. Get 5 different flower pots and 1 packet of flowers.

2. Plant the flowers ( in groups of 10) and set them all in even sunlight.

3. Water each one daily with three squirts of water.

4. Wait and record growth and amount of flowers that grow.


Independent Variable- Type of flower pot.

Dependent Variable- Plant growth.

CV- Amount of sunlight.

CV- Amount of water.


Red- 11 grew- 1in. tallest plant

Yellow- 9 grew- 1in. tallest plant

Light Brown- 12 grew- 1 1/2in.

Black- 15 grew- 1 1/2in. tallest plant.

Brown- 10 grew- 1in.


The original purpose of this experiment was to figure out which flower pot works the best.The results of the experiment were black wins due to how many plants grew which includes the weeds that popped up.

Big image
Big image


My hypothesis was 30% biodegradible material would do the best or (light brown). The results indicate that this hypothesis should be considered wrong because the black flower pot did the best. Based on the results of this experiment you should buy the black flower pot or also known as polypropylene. If I were to conduct this science fair project again I would. start earlier so my data would be more valid because they could make it to adult hood.


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