Cane Creek News

September 7-11, 2015

CCES Family News:

Happy Labor Day! Celebrate your day off! No school work allowed.
Happy Birthday to Andrea Herald and Patti Marquis this week!
Guess who's going to be a Grandmama? Congratuations to Sheila King!
Welcome back to Luke Eldridge, our favorite traffic guard! Please give him a wave and a friendly smile! (Doughnuts or coffee would work, too!)
Our thoughts and prayers to Mrs. Georgiana as she undergoes her second treatment this week.

Congratulations to Mrs. Dyer and RTI2 Team: All students have been screened in MAP and RTI classes will be back to normal this week! Hooray! Good job, team!

OH, our KIDS! Funny, Not So Funny!
Student came back from restroom telling teacher that she could not go in there because the tornado signs are out. Unfortunately, student wet her pants!

Questions to Ponder? How often are we requiring formal writing from our students? What about constructed response type activities in math? We know these are the types of assessment they may see on TNReady. What are we doing to help them prepare? What expectations should we put in place?

35/15% Choices for 2015-16: The State has not yet released the information to school districts. As soon as I have it, I will share with you. We will need a quick turn-around on these choices as they will be due before you leave for Fall Break.

News You Can Use:

CCES OPEN HOUSE---this Thursday night 5:30-6:30. Please be here by 5:15 in the gym to begin with a donation presented by PTO for the playground fund. Classrooms open at 5:30. Here are some great suggestions for Reaching Out to Parents:

Are we calling parents on a regular basis--for GOOD news as well as concerns? SWPBS requires that the teacher calls and documents each minor offense in the classroom. By the time the student gets to a major, parents should be aware there is/has been a problem.

Planning Observations

Here are the guidelines for the Planning Observations, updated by the state dept. in March. This is the reason lesson plans must be submitted during the pre-conference meeting. We (Kelly and I) try to be very transparent when following the guidelines for the TEAM process.

"The spirit of the planning domain is to assess how effectively a teacher plans for instruction. Use evidence from the lesson plan and the observation to rate the indicators in the planning domain. A written plan, multiple pages in length is not the focus of the planning observation. The focus is how teachers plan for instruction.

Lesson Plan Requirements – It is important to remember that any specific requirements for the lesson plan itself are entirely a district and/or school decision. Furthermore, assessment of a teacher’s planning should be driven by what is best for student learning, and while most teachers will be assessed on planning only once during the year, districts do have discretion as to any additional collection of lesson plans.

Unannounced Planning Observations – For unannounced planning, evaluators can collect a lesson plan after the classroom visit. Since the spirit of the planning domain is to assess how effectively a teacher plans for instruction, teachers should share the lesson plan that was used for the lesson observed. Districts and/or schools should provide the parameters for what is required for post-visit planning submissions.

Resubmitting Lesson Plans – While the evaluator may ask probing questions in the pre-conference, the lesson plan may not be resubmitted for scoring purposes. The planning score should be based on the initial lesson plan submission and the observation associated with this plan.

Purpose and Paperwork – Evaluation is intended to accurately assess every day classroom practice for the purposes of identifying strong classroom practices and areas of refinement. If submitted lesson plans are notably different than the planning a teacher does as a normal course of practice, then the feedback an educator receives on that plan is of limited utility and a great deal of unnecessary effort is expended by both the educator and evaluator. Therefore educators should not submit, and evaluators should not accept, lesson plans that are excessive in length and/or that only serve an evaluative rather than an instructional purpose."

2nd-4th Grade Benchmarking:

All student math assessments should be finished by the end of the day on Tuesday, September 8. When this occurs, you will then need to close out the assessment on Naiku. Failure to do so will result in Central Office not being able to access your data.

If you have had a student miss your class day in computer lab, please make sure that he/she attends on Tuesday during your grade level's computer time regardless of what class is attending. Mrs. Stephanie is prepared to offer seats to make up students.

Questions? Ask Mrs. Montgomery, "aka The Queen of Testing"

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Upcoming Events: Sept. 7-Sept. 11, 2015

Evaluations are ongoing. Please be mindful that someone is having their announced observation every day. Keep that in mind before barging (oops!) into their classrooms unannounced.

Andrea Herald's birthday!

Tuesday, 9/8: Patti Marquis's birthday; 7:15-Cubs On UKES (3rd); County-Wide SERT/EMS SAFETY Drill-(Pierce); 3:15--A TEAM Meeting

Wednesday, 9/9: 7:15-Cubs On UKES (4th); PLC Team Meetings

Thursday, 9/10: District-Wide FE Meeting (8:30-10:30-Dyer); Vision and Hearing Screenings for K, 2, & 4 (Nurse Janet / PTO); 3:15 CubCHANT Rehearsal; CCES OPEN HOUSE 5:30-6:30pm

Friday, 9/11:
Patriots Day...wear red, white, and blue; Vision and Hearing Screenings (Nurse Janet / PTO); 2:15--Fall Fundraiser Kickoff in the gym; 3:15-CubBEAT Rehearsal

Looking Ahead to Next Week:

Monday, 9/14: 3:15 SWPBS Meeting


Wednesday, 9/16: 7:15-Cubs On UKES (4th); PLC Team Meetings; 3:30 BUS EVACUATION DRILL

Thursday, 9/17: 3:15 CubCHANT Rehearsal; 3:30-6:30 SERT TEAM (ALICE) TRAINING 3:30-6:30 (Simpson, Shelton, Pack, Montgomery, Pierce)

Friday, 9/18: Jill Ramsey's Birthday; 3:15-CubBEAT Rehearsal