Bath salts

by: Emma McKillop

What are bath salt drugs?

Most bath salts are MDVP (methlenedioxypyrovalerone).

Slang terms

Some slang terms are bloom, cloud nine, vanilla sky, scareface, purple wave, hurricane charlie, ivory wave, blue silk, ocean snow, and meow meow.

how can bath salts be taken into the body?

Bath salts can be snorted, smoked, rectally ingested, injected, or can be mixed in with foods and drinks.

What are some effects of bath salts?

Some pf the effects are rapid heartbeat, disrupted sleep, headaches, confusion, increased blood pressure, tense muscles, nosebleeds, panic attacks, increased body temperature, dizziness, dilated pupils, addiction, euphoria, alertness, anxiety, agitation, hunger, fits,hallucinations, aggression, suicidal thoughts or attempts, liver failure, loss of bowel control, and a break down of muscle fiber that can lead to death.