Beta Upsilon Grapevine

Dalton District of Alpha Delta Kappa

Volume 1, Issue 4 - September 2014
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President's Message

Hi Sisters,

I survived my first month back! Truthfully, it was a joy to return to the school counseling office and found that it re-energized that professional part of myself that had become somewhat stagnate.

My hope is that if you are still actively engaged in education you too can be re-energized and if not, take time to consider why that is...perhaps like me it was time for a professional change of scenery?

I have heard many a retired educator say they are more busy in retirement than they ever were when working full-time. I must say, I hope that is not 100% true. Even in retirement one can pack their day with being "busy" and be missing that inspiring connection. My hope is Alpha Delta Kappa is that inspiring connection in your life and if it is not..please share your ideas and join me in making our chapter "soar".

Meridith Jorgensen
Chapter President

Beta Upsilon Chapter Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 2nd, 4:30pm

Fannin County High School (Ms. Lynn Burch's NEW Room)

Please be prompt, as we will have the proclamation signed at 4:30. In addition, we will pose for a picture that will be submitted to the local papers.

Our meeting agenda will be posted before each meeting. Please print your own copy to bring to the meeting.


The minutes from the previous meeting will be posted PRIOR to the next meeting. Please review the meeting minutes and bring your edits to the next meeting.


Each month the financial report will be made available PRIOR to the upcoming meeting. Please review the financial report and bring any necessary edits to the upcoming meeting.


The seven scarves sold and ordered at Gulf Region Conference have been delivered! I wanted to share some of the comments we have received...

"I got my scarf. It's beautiful! God bless you and your chapter in your school year! Thanks so much!"

Kay Taylor

"Thank you for mailing the beautiful scarf. I look forward to wearing it when it gets cooler. Right now we are having 90 degree days again. I know Fall will be here before long."

Ruth Ann Griggs

International President-Elect
Alpha Delta Kappa

Announcing Alpha Delta Kappa's New World Understanding Project

The votes have been counted, and the International World Understanding Committee is pleased to announce that Alpha Delta Kappa's 2014-2015 World Understanding project is: Books on the Move!

Books on the Move is a literacy initiative that will bring the world of reading to the members of the Cheyenne River Lakota/Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota. This project is a joint venture with hawkwing Inc. and the Dakota Club Library. Hawkwing, Inc. was founded in order to fulfill a promise made to a Lakota grandmother to “go home and help the People.” This project will fund the purchase of a bookmobile, two computers, scanning equipment, books and resource materials. Vehicle maintenance, insurance and gas will also be provided for one year. The bookmobile will provide easy access to books and encourage reading among members of the Lakota/Sioux tribe. It will help increase literacy and graduation rates in this remote, high poverty area. The final aspect of the project will promote inter-generational interaction focusing on reading and education.
Projected cost: $50,000

Important Dates