Figurative language

Simple version


Compares like or as with the metaphor

Example: bob had a big belly like a summo reseller.

Example: the suit cases in the car looked like a city


Compares without using like or ass

Example: her dress was a shining star

Example: the sign was a small bug


Gives a deception to describe the image

Example: Tim's hair was bright and curly

Example: Sam had a big belly that was big and chubby


Sound, but with words

Example: bam! The cannon ball launched in the air

Example: crack. Cracked the candy bar


An exageration

Example: Tim was as huge as 2 elephants

Example:Sam had a bag bigger than a skyscraper


Compares something to something famous

Example: Joe was like George Washington and didn't lie

Example: bob was big like the empire state building


Giving human traits to something not living

Example: the rain ran down the spout

Example: the bag hugged the floor


A series of word with the same starting sound

Example: pilly pickle picked a pine lickle.

Example:bobby Bear had a Larry lare