The Testing Schedule

All tests take place in the morning starting on April 13th and concluding on April 23 for third graders. Make up tests can be done at any time through April 30th.

ELA (reading) 4 tests
Monday, April 13-one test
Tuesday, April 14- one test
Wednesday, April 15- one test
Thursday, April 16-one test
Friday, April 17- NO test (however, make-ups can be done)

Math - 3 tests
Monday, April 20 - NO test (make-ups can be done from ELA)
Tuesday, April 21- one test
Wednesday, April 22 - one test
Thursday, April 23- last scheduled test

Lunch and Special

The two weeks of testing (April 13-April 24), third grade will be switching schedules with first grade. This means that we eat lunch a little later than usual (11:40) and have special in the afternoon (2:30). This schedule change allows us to have ample time in the morning to complete testing without feeling rushed.

At Home

Studies have proven time and again that a student who has a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast does better than an equally prepared child who is tired and hungry. No written homework is given throughout these two weeks so that children can relax and get to bed at an appropriate time.

Each child should have 2 chapter books to read at the conclusion of the testing. When finished testing, children are only allowed to read books.

In the past, children have been provided with gum and/or mints during the testing. This year, we are asking that each child bring their own gum and/or unwrapped mints in a plastic bag. They may chew one piece of gum or have two mints during the testing session.

Final Thoughts

We have been working all year to to learn. Children are prepared for these tests. Now is the time to reassure your child that s/he should do his/her best work, take his/her time and remember to check carefully when finished. I have no doubt that each child can complete these tests proficiently:)

If you have any questions, please contact me at or 610-489-5000 X43308.