Happy Lotus

Massage Therapy


Oil Massage - 1 hour - 30€

This is a full body treatment working all the major muscle groups from the feet to the neck using superficial and deep tissue techniques. The massage is perfect for relaxation and stress relief.

Virgin Coconut Oil Massage - 1 hour- 40 €

Enjoy a soothing 60 minutes of deep tissue and superficial massage, using virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil has anti fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It contains vitamin E which helps moisturise, reviatalise, heal and protect your skin. Beneficial for skin problems such as psoriasis, eczma and dermatitis.

Organic Essential Oil Massage - 1 hour - 45€

Using organic essential oils made from plants, flowers, seeds and leaves. Combined with a rhythmic massage technique, this is a treatment to stimulate the senses and relax body and mind.

Thai Herbal Balm Massage - 1 hour - 40€

Combining deep tissue massage techniques with a herbal warming balm. This is a perfect massage for relief from aches and pains from sports and stress.

Thai Traditional Massage - 60/90 mins 45/65 €

Thai massage is based on the pressure of different energetic points to balance the energy and reduce tension, producing lasting results, stimulating and strengthening body, mind and spirit. Recommended for reducing tension and increasing vitality. Massage done clothed and without oil.

Indian Head Massage - 30 mins -25€

Indian Head massage works with a firm but gentle rhythm to release blockages and unknot tense muscles. It focuses on the shoulders, neck scalp and face and works with the upper chakras to help balance the whole body. This massage can be performed seated through clothes or with oils on a massage bed.

Detox & Relax Massage - 1 hour - 50€

Enjoy a massage and Bentonite clay face mask, to relax and detox. Bentonite clay is a powerful healing clay, its power lying in the ability to absorb toxins from the body. You will enjoy a 45 minute massage of the shoulders, neck, scalp and face, then while the face mask is doing its magic, a stimulating foot massage will be performed.

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