4th Grade News

Life in Room 251

End of 2nd Quarter

Can you believe we are finishing up 1st semester?! This year is flying by! Next Thursday, December 17 will be the end of 2nd quarter. There are a few grades to be added, and there is time until then for students to turn in missing assignments. Please check Family Home Access with your unique code to check your child's standings. With the end of the quarter, there is also testing that is required. We have completed the Middle of the Year (MOY) iReading testing in Reading and Math. These results will accompany the 2nd quarter grade card, which will be distributed in January. This year, we also have new report card proficiency level assessments in math, as well as the semester My Math Benchmark assessment. We are trying to end 2015 strong!

Pershing Thanksgiving Parade

Holiday Party

You are invited to attend our Holiday Party next Thursday, December 17 from 1:35-2:35! Mrs. Lynette Davidson has done an excellent job planning some fun games, crafts and snacks for us to enjoy. THANK YOU! If you would like to donate needed items, please sign up on our Sign UP Genius. These items will need to be brought to school the day BEFORE the party on Wednesday, December 16 so that we can make sure everything is covered and put together the supply bags. Thank you for considering!


Government and Me

We have been studying how our nation began and what our government looks like at the federal, state and local levels. To kick off our unit, Mr. Randall (7th grade Social Studies teacher at Pershing) played the role of harsh ruler King George, making kids believe he was going to take part of their snacks, technology, flexible seating and school supplies. And, boy were they upset! We made the connection to the way the colonists felt at the high taxes, requirement to house British soldiers and ban on their trading and wrote our own Declaration of Independence from Mr. Randall, patterning ours after the original. Students also wrote a Constitution, including a preamble and organization of their branches of government. Next week, students will begin drafting their own Student's Bill of Rights. We also used our new Lego Story Starters Kits to retell the series of events that led to the birth of our nation!
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Hour of Code

Students all over the world took 1 hour this week to learn to code. Students used code.org to learn a little about what programming is and to open their eyes to the possible careers that might await them in computer science.

Classroom Needs

As we approach the halfway point in the school year, we are finding that we are really low on pencils, kleenex and earbuds. If you could send in a package or two of pencils and/ or kleenex, that would be amazing! Many students are also without earbuds, which was listed on the school supply list for 4th grade. Ear buds can be purchased inexpensively at places like the Dollar Store. Please ask your student if they still have the ear buds that were purchased at the beginning of the year. The following photo shows the earbuds being kept in our storage box. Some students prefer to bring their earbuds back and forth to school, but they must come back every day as we use them on a daily basis. I have a few headphones that I purchased, but they are not the best quality (they break easily with lots of hands touching them), and I do not have enough to go around of for all the students who need them.
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Upcoming Dates to Remember

Dec. 16 - Send in Holiday Party Donations

Dec. 17 - End of 2nd Quarter/ 1st Semester

Dec. 17 - December Reading Calendars Due

Dec. 17 - Holiday Party 1:35; Winter Break Begins at 2:45

Jan. 4 - Classes Resume/ 3rd Quarter Begins

Jan. 8 - Grade Cards Distributed

Jan. 18 - MLK Jr. Birthday - No Classes