Grow like a BOSS in 2017!

A SPONSORING BLITZ in January & an incentive for LEADERS

Set up a great 2017 before you break for the holidays!

If you were on our Leader Zoom on Tuesday night you heard that our main focus is to BLOW UP our Glowing Stones team with new stylists in January! A little birdie told me that a HUGE sponsoring sign-up special is coming and we want to be prepped and ready to make the most of it when that calendar turns to 1/1/16!

Our S&D Stylist Sneak Peek: Team Glowing Stones FB page is going to get a little bit of a facelift and will be fresh and ready to go, but virutally connecting with prospectives is just ONE way to do it!

How else can we create a system to help ourselves and our teams grow? By having a crazy amount of Meet Stella & Dot events across the country in January!

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And what's in it for you?! (Besides GROWTH and EXCITEMENT of course...)

My new obsession...the HIGH ACHIEVERS PLAYBOOK!

This notebook is going to keep you organized and on point LIKE A BOSS in 2017! It is PERFECT for our business and will be all you need to track your reach outs and have an incredible Who Do You Know List!

Trust want one! :)

Check it out here:

Every Meet Stella & Dot event you hold in January gets you and entry to win!

HOW will we utilize each other's Meet Stella & Dot events?


We are going to use this Google Doc to let each other know about the events we are hosting. When you've planned your event, simply enter it on this spreadsheet:

We'll be able to share this with our entire team starting 1/1 and they can look at where events are happening and reach out to their contacts in that area and invite them to go!

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Senior Stylists +++ - create your event on EVENTBRITE!

Senior Stylists and up are allowed to post their events on Eventbrite and this event will be linked to Home Office's page.

Use this link to create yours:

Feel free to copy the wording I used:

***Not a Senior Stylist? Use FB and create a public event page that can be shared!

Add your Meet Stella & Dot to our GOOGLE DOC and to Eventbrite (if Senior+) by 12/27 to be entered to win the HIGH ACHIEVERS PLAYBOOK!

Let's do this, leaders!!!!

xo, Krista