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27th Edition: May 1, 2015

Building our School of the Future

One of the most effective ways to promote student growth academically, behaviorally, and socially is through a partnership that bridges the school and home together. We'd like to share this weekly newsletter to keep families abreast of the amazing happenings at our school and pass on important information that will allow parents & students to maintain a positive connection with our school.

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Join us for Senior Arts Night

Important May Assessment Schedule by Grade (Including AP Exams)


8th Grade: * PARCC testing occurs 1 period each day; MCAS Students have from 8:00-2:30

5/4-5/7: PARCC ELA Session 1&2

5/8-5/13: PARCC MATH Session 1&2

5/15: PARCC MAKE-UP Session

5/21-5/22: MCAS STE Session 1&2

5/25: MCAS STE MAKE-UP Session

9th Grade: *PARCC testing occurs 1 period each day

5/4-5/7: PARCC ELA Session 1&2

5/11-5/12: PARCC MATH Session 1&2

5/15: PARCC MAKE-UP Session

10th Grade: *MCAS Students have from 8:00-2:30

5/19-20: MCAS MATH Session 1&2

5/21-22: MCAS MAKE-UP Session

11th Grade: *PARCC testing occurs 1 period each day

5/11-5/12: PARCC MATH Session 1&2

5/13-5/14: PARCC ELA Session 1&2

5/15: PARCC ELA MAKE-UP Session

Advanced Placement Exams (Grades 10-12) *Only if student is in AP class with an exam*

5/4: 8:00: Environmental Science & 12:00: Psychology

5/5: 8:00: Calculus A/B & B/C

5/6: 8:00: English Literature & 12:00: Statistics

5/8: 8:00: US History & 8:00-2:00 Art Portfolio Submission

5/11: 8:00: Biology

5/12: 8:00: US Government & Politics

5/13: 8:00: Language & Composition

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Monomoy Football Fundraiser - Bingo!!

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Students of the Month - March: Congratulations!

Left to right: Jeremiah Squires (12), Julianna Locantore (10), Liberty Milan (9), Isaiah Stafford (8) (Victoria Bessette not in photo; gr. 11)

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Flowers for Friends

Katie Cormier Kevin Killala and Dan Brady are working at Flower Angels in Dennis each Thursday making flower bouquets to be delivered to nursing home patients on the Cape

Interact Club Community Service

On Saturday members from our Monomoy Interact Club braved the cold and volunteered to work in the garden at the Family Pantry to help ready it for the season. Anna Milan, Heidi Friedel, Laine Kotoski, Molly Doncaster and Erin Prescott weeded, planted lettuce, and taught some other volunteers their gardening strategies. We are very proud of these girls for giving up their last day of vacation to help others! Go Interact!!

Guidance Corner: Important 2015.16 Scheduling Timeline & AP Information

Students involved in Advanced Placement (AP)Exams:

This is an important announcement regarding collection of deposit and exam fees.

If you are taking the AP courses next week balances are due. The total cost of EACH exam is $91.00

Please bring a check to Ms. Thyng in guidance. Checks may be made out to Monomoy Public Schools.

Thanks and Best Of Luck on your AP Exams!

Mr. Bennett,

AP Coordinator

Monomoy Guidance TEAM

Mr. Gifford, Director (G-N)

Mrs. Callagy (A-F)

Mr. Bennett (O-Z)

MRHS Guidance Link- click below:

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Shark "Shout Outs" (SSO's) - MRHS's way of Appreciating the Great People here!

Shark Shout Outs are spreading fast & furious at MRHS. We start every staff meeting with Shout Outs to colleagues and Shout Out to students nominated for student of the month during am announcements. Now, students and Parents are welcome to send in a Shark Shout Out as a token of appreciating other students and staff in the school. Email Mr. Burkhead at, or drop them off to Ms. Curt in the main office! The enthusiasm is contagious!

Congratulations to Kristen Siegel, Catriona Barr, and Matthew Neiser who will receive recognition in the 2016 National Merit Scholarship Program this fall.

Their scores on the PSAT this year met the requirement of a selection index score of 202 or above. This indicates that these performers have outstanding potential for future learning. Of the 1.5 million Juniors who took the PSAT each of the above mentioned students is among the top 50,000 highest scoring participants.


Mr. Bennett, College Board Coordinator

A quick shout out to the girls tennis team - so far UNDEFEATED 7-0! Congrats to the team and Coach Fraser! - All 22 members of the team support one another enthusiastically regardless of whether they are starters or not!

Bill Burke volunteer assistant coach of the team

Thank you MRHS Parents!

I wanted to thank you (Ms. Moniz) and all the volunteers that coordinated to create the magical special evening you all put together for the MRHS Prom. I have experienced many proms through the years in Colorado. This was our first year here on Cape Cod and I have to say this event was like no previous prom or school dance that we have ever experienced. I have been hearing about how special the "PROM" would be since we moved here but had no idea what an incredible evening it would be! It was truly a magical elegant evening! The students and the parents appreciated the details that went into the event at the Wequassett Resort - I heard many of the kids talking on the beach the next day saying how much they appreciated all the work that people did to make the event so special. It was hard for them to even pick their favorite part of the evening! I also appreciated knowing my daughter was in a safe environment for the entire evening. Plus it brought such joy to our family to see her beautiful happy smile through out the night in all the pictures. This was a memory that will last a lifetime. I do not know how to share the pictures as you requested on the website so here are a few.

Thank you so much for the many hours of volunteer hours that you and others put in to make this night so special!

Warm Regards -

Ann L'Esperance

The Young Women's trip to Boston was wonderful!! These young young women represented the school with such poise and dignity, it was truly amazing. Our meeting with Sarah Peake was wonderful, at the luncheon the girls engaged her in conversation about current topics that were important to them. Our pictures were taken in the House of Representatives,which will be sent to us, (stay tuned for next Friday Focus) Thank you (Mr. Burkhead) for your support of this club,it has massive potential be be great!! Ms. Gleason & Ms. Forte-Doyle

I just wanted to thank both Ms. Doyle and Ms. Gleason for letting me join the Young Women’s Club so late in the year. I also want to thank them both for letting me talk to Representative Sarah Peake yesterday (on the field trip) – it means so much to me. Thank you both for being amazing teachers. ~Molly Daley

Shout Out to MRHS teacher Rich Houston for completing the Boston Marathon and raising $550 for the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge

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Junior Prom Huge Success!!

Moonlit Masquerade has come and gone, leaving the juniors and their guests with many fond memories. The rain cleared just in time for the Grand March, giving friends and relatives an opportunity to see the couples walk out in front of everyone. All the students were very respectful and had a great night. After the evening was over Wequassett staff mentioned to the chaperones that it was the best prom they have ever had. The following juniors were selected for Prom court: Chris Jaques and Amanda Gayle as Lord and Lady, Harrison Buck and Catie Barr as Duke and Duchess, Garrett Sherman and Anna Milan as Prince and Princess, and Drew Senatore and Hannah Thacher as King and Queen. At the end of the Prom students continued their fun at Willy’s Gym in Eastham. We would like to thank all of the parents for their hard work; it could not have happened without them. A selection of Grand March pictures may be found on Twitter at #mrhs2015prom or view this week’s episode on Shark TV.

I wanted to send a Shark Shout out to Ms. Wheaton, Mr. Moynagh and Ms. Biron for organizing a truly magnificent Junior Prom experience for our students. It was my first as a principal and I was impressed with the attention to detail and appreciate the months of work that went into making it happen. Thank you to Ms. Girolamo and Officer Clarke for attending and all your support. It made me feel so good to see our kids laughing, smiling, dancing and enjoying each other's company. One of the service staff said to us as they were cleaning up after the kids left - "that was the best prom I've ever seen." - As I waited outside to supervise students leaving the prom each student took the time to say thank you. Many went out of their way to stop to tell me how much fun they had. I love our kids!!!

Thank you to all the dedicated parents who provided a safe an extremely enjoyable after prom experience for our students/your children - we are so fortunate to have such amazing parents!

Mr. Burkhead

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Peace Week - April 27-May 1

Each day this week, we highlighted a different theme related to human rights, featuring brief announcements, lunch activities, and other items on that theme.

Monday: Genocide Awareness Day - STAND

Tuesday: End Sexual Violence Day - YWC

Wednesday: Earth Day - Earth Club - Sarah Outen visit (Enrichment block) - Check out details on link here-

Thursday: LGBTQ Awareness Day - GSA

Thursday evening: An Evening with Sarah Outen - Community event - auditorium - 7pm

Friday: Human Rights Club Day

Bus Forms Due June 1. - Hard Copies will be sent home week of May 4

Monomoy Regional School District Request for Transportation Services 2015-2016 School Year To assist us in preparing more efficient and timely bus routes, please let us know your plans for transporting your child this upcoming school year. Click on link for form:
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Fine Arts Calendar of Events



6:00-7:00 PM art reception at Lutz Gallery

7:00 PM concert at Pilgrim Congregational Church

21 Thursday 1ST MANDATORY Spring Concert dress rehearsal


26 Tuesday 2ND MANDATORY Spring Concert dress rehearsal

6:00-9:00 PM


Call 6:00 PM Concert 7:00 PM



Check out the department website!

Are you following us on twitter? @MRHSMusicDrama

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Thank you Art of Charity! - Mr. Russell & Mr. Wood

Otis and Tim,

I want to thank you both and the Art of Charity for funding our trips to the Cultural Center of Cape Cod this year.

Our students in the Alternative Learning Program spend their afternoons at jobs in the community and therefore do not have an opportunity to access the terrific art electives at our school (Monomoy Regional High School.)

Your grant enabled us to visit and work with the Cultural Center of Cape Cod who provided additional funding through their Rise and Shine Program to connect our kids with artists, musicians, poets and writers in a series of workshops. Plain Talk Cape Cod also helped with the workshops and helped connect the student’s voices to the community through publishing some of their writing.

Not only did the kids have a lot of fun but they gained an invaluable exposure to the arts which they would never have received.

Moreover we were able to connect the activities to their learning to make their educational experience more engaging and authentic. We learned poetry from published poets, writing from award winning authors, explored other cultures by painting peace flags and practiced collaboration and other work skills by harmonizing with local musicians.

We can’t thank you enough for funding these great adventures and please know you have contributed richly to the lives of our youth. Above/Below are some photos from some of the events during the year. Without your help none of this would have been possible. Many thanks.


George Sowpel

Lead teacher

Alternative Learning Program

Monomoy Regional High School

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Young Poets Night! Open to students in grades 5-10

Would you like a chance to read your poetry in public?

Come to the first annual Young Poets Night

  • May 15 at 6:30 pm
  • Monomoy Regional High School Auditorium

All students in grades 5 – 10 from MRHS, MRMS, and C.C. Lighthouse Charter School are welcome to present!!

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