Willow Tree School

April Newsletter

April is definitely the sign of rebirth and new beginnings. We are delighted to have a break in the rain. We have begun our garden preparation and we are already seeing lots of new life sprouting throughout the garden and the rest of the property.

You may have noticed how much we love plants and value living things. We have put countless hours and much effort into creating a beautiful yard for all of us to enjoy. Please help us protect the growing plants and seedlings living here at Willow Tree by asking your children to use only the designated pathways and sidewalks. This is a great opportunity to teach them that, just because we can't see plants growing yet, it doesn't mean that they aren't growing under ground. You can enjoy spotting signs of new life with your child as you arrive and leave Willow Tree each day.

Our students in-kind, are really blossoming! In just the past couple weeks, we have seen them grow by leaps and bounds. With this level of growth and forward momentum, we must constantly meet their interests and developmental needs by adjusting our structure and setting to match their rapid rates of progress. We embrace this new growth and curiosity as we begin to explore the garden in more depth and even our youngest are capable of more complex and challenging activities. Take note of all the new things your child will surely surprise you with over the next several weeks!

Important Dates:

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Gymnastics: Wednesday, April 13th

Bring Your Bike to School: Thursday, April 7th

Petaluma East-Side Farmer's Market: Butterflies - Tuesday, April 5th and Caterpillars - Tuesday, April 26th

Disaster Drill: Monday, April 11th

Library Walking Field Trip: Thursday, April 14th

Scholastic Book Club Orders Due: Friday, April 15th

Walking Field Trip to Kennilworth Park: Wednesday, April 20th

Librarian visits Caterpillars: Thursday, April 21st

Willow Tree School Tax ID #71-0979207

For those of you who are getting ready to file taxes, you will need our Tax ID number.

Please let Miss Cherie know if you need a year-end-statement for your tax preparation.

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