Roswell Summer Research Program

RoswellPrak Cancer Research Program for High School Students

Are you considering a science major in college and as a career?

Roswall Park Center Intuition gives the opportunity for a paid summer internship and an experience that will be set within the collaborative and mentored environment of a world-renowned cancer research’s laboratory where you will work alongside a research staff of graduate students, post-doctoral scholars and technicians.

Choice of available projects in the following areas:

  • Cancer biophysics

  • Health behavior/cancer disparities

  • Biostatistics

  • Tumor immunology

  • Cancer prevention/epidemiology

  • Cancer genetics

  • Cancer cellular/molecular biology

  • Molecular pharmacology and cancer therapeutics

Come to the information session with Dr. Kisailus and learn more about opportunities for research and hands on experience!!!

Information Session During 6th Period

Thursday, Nov. 3rd, 1-1:45pm

Ms. Siirn chemistry room 124