Influences of Food Choices

By: Isabelle Lockwood

Physical Needs

Food is needed for survival, hunger, health, and energy. Without some type of food source, no animal species and humans would be able to live here. Food plays a very important role in living. Food also gives you energy and health. Without food, nobody would have the energy or good health to do anything. Hunger is also signaled by hunger pains in your stomach. So as you can see, food plays a very important role. I usually eat bananas, apples, grapes, meat, fish, poultry, dairy, and most especially drink a lot of water to help with hunger, health, energy, and survival. Food is needed to maintain vital functions, provides energy for muscle movement, and to build and repair tissues. Last but not least, food improves overall wellness, which includes physical health, mental health, and social health, which helps you handle stress.

Psychological Needs

Did you ever think about what made you choose the foods you eat? That is your mind telling you what you want, not your stomach. Odors and events create memories that also affect your food choices. When you are also preparing food, your mind plays a part in that too. What you eat and why you eat is determined also by your mind, so without your mind you wouldn't have a good idea of what you wanted to eat. So psychologically your mind plays a very big role in what you eat.

Personal Food Preference

My personal food preference is definitely Creole or Cajun dishes. The taste of the dishes is very rich and creamy. My favorite dishes though are the spicy ones. The smell is so overwhelming and wonderful. It just warms up your heart. All the savory smells and spices just make me feel like I am home. The color either has to be very bright and colorful, or dark and savory like a roux. My associations with this this type of food is warmth, joy, and happiness. It makes you just want to curl up and enjoy every last bit of it. My favorite foods are Gumbo, Jambalaya, Craw fish Etouffee, Craw fish, and of course Beignets with a warm cup of coffee.

Food Availability

There are a lot of food choices, but all of them have to play in with the factors of the seasons and distribution to stores. Fruits like pomegranates and watermelon are seasonal fruits. The distribution of them is very slow going to stores, because they don't want them going to quickly. Do you get how it works? Supply and demand baby, supply and demand.

Social Settings

In social settings like mealtime, movies, and other events, you can be persuaded to try or eat different things. Friends, family, and mass media are the ways your food is influenced. In my house, almost everything is Cajun. In others it maybe Mexican, Asian, or Japanese. Everyone is different, and that is okay. Let that part of you shine. Friends and mass media are almost the same. They can persuade you to eat good or bad things, but don't be fooled. Always check what is in it before you eat it. But don't worry, you wont be judged on what you eat, because, once again, everyone is different!

Society and Culture

Some factors that affect the way you eat is your culture and customs. Since there is so many different types of cultures in the U.S., it is a very diverse nation. This makes us very lucky to live here, because everywhere we go we get to see or try something new. Some things that influence your food at home are national origin, religion, and holidays. There is many different foods among these 3 things. In my house we eat a lot of traditional french, cajun, and creole foods. That is the way my mom was raised and that is the way i was raised, and I AM PROUD!!!!