Jacob's Rescue A Holocaust Story

by: Malka Drucker


The main characters in "Jacob's Rescue" are Jacob, Alex Roslan, And Mela Roslan. The "secondary characters" were Yurek, Shalom, David, and Marissa. Some other characters in "Jacob's Rescue" are the Doctor that helped the Roslans; and operated on Jacob, the Nazi's that were killing people at random, Mela's brother that they stayed with out in the country, also Jacob's Aunt, and Grandma. But sadly not all of these characters survived the war. Some of the characters that died were Yurek, Shalom, Jacob's Aunt, and his Grandma.


"Jacob's Rescue" is about an 8 year old boy named Jacob Gutgel that escaped from one of the Nazi's ghettos in 1939 and went to live with Alex and Mela Roslan and their 2 children. Because the Nazi's were lying about what Auschwitz really was and the people in the ghettos found out that Auschwitz was a death camp so they would sneek the children out to live with non-Jewish families. After Jacob escaped the Roslan's gave Jacob a new name which was Genyek. During Jacobs time staying with the Roslans his brother Shalom came to stay with them; both Jacob and his brother both got scarlet fever but only Jacob survived. After the death of Shalom, Jacob's other brother David came to live with Jacob and the Roslan's until the end of WWII.

Connestions to the Righteous Among Nations Award

The Roslans were awarded the Righteous Among Nations Award because of a few different things they did for Jacob and his brothers. My first connection from the book that describes why they were awarded this prestigious award is because they helped keep Jacob and his brothers by giving them a safe place to live during WWII. The second reason that I have is that Alex and Mela Roslan put the safety of Jacob and his brothers before their own. My final reason explaining why the Roslans deserve this award is that they sold all their possessions including their apartment just to keep Jacob healthy.


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The first quote I have from "Jacobs Rescue" is "May you never know the hunger I knew"; I chose that quote because it shows that living in a ghetto or concentration camp wasn't easy and that Jacob wouldn't wish that on anyone in the world. My second quote is " Two is the same as one", it applies to Jacob's brother and shows that they are family and love each other. The third one I have is "Little one you'll be the first to see the Messiah" and it's saying that even though Shalom is dying he's going to a better place where the war isn't going on and he doesn't have to suffer anymore. Finally, the fourth quote that I have is "Whoever saves a single life is as one who has saved the entire world"; this quote is saying that everyone is important and if you can save one person you can save the world.