Ancient Greece

By: natalie peters


I chose to do my research on Ancient Greece. My first topic is on the begining of Ancient Greece. I learned that the story of Ancient Greece bagan in the 1600 and 1900 b.c. My second topic is on how the greek culture survived. With that I learned that grate universities where founded in the middle ages. And for my last topic I will be talking about slavery in Ancient Greece. I learned that most people in Greece where held as slaves.

The Beginning of Ancient Greece

This was in the begining of Ancient Greece. The story of Ancient Greece began in the 1600 and 1900 b.c. At the time Greeks where simple herds men. Driving there flocks and herds in front of them they came from the Caspin Sea. Greeks entered the panisela from the north one small group after another. The greek invadors where still in the Barbarian ages.

How the Greek Culture Survived

The way in which the Greek culture survived. The establishment of the Roman Empire happend after the Hellenistic Age ended. Great universities were founded in the middle ages. The rebirth of art and literature happend during the Renaissance. Christianity was greatly influenced by the Greek culture. Also humankinds capacity to solve problems rationally began with modern science.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

Slavery in Ancient Greece was an important part of life for the wealthy people. A large part of the greek people where held as slaves and not free. The Athenians had rested on a foundation of slavery. They took city inhabitants and sold as slaves. Kidnapping was also a steady source for slavery. Well educated slaves were on great demand.


As you know I did my research on Ancient Greece. From my research I learned many things about Ancient Greece. I learned how it began how it survived and on the slavery the Greeks had. Thanks for listening to my flyer presentation.


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