What's Up Wednesday?

Chloe & Isabel by Split Pea Jewelry, February 17th

Happy Anniversary to my Love at Watershed!

Following my happy little jaunt to Nashville, I'm still listening to country music all day. Pandora, local radio station, even dragged out old CDs to play around the house. It's only appropriate that Dave and I celebrate our 20th Anniversary attending Watershed at the Columbia River Gorge!
Dave and I met in junior high at St. Bernadette's Catholic school. His bright blue eyes and rocker hair cut captivated me (as did he and his friend Alvin insisting that I really DID want to go out with him). We dated until he graduated the school and then reconnected over Gaelic Football at college 7 years later. He is the guy who's name covered my Keds in 7th grade. Who opted to attend Central University's campus in SeaTac to stay behind with me when we started dating again. Who works hard every day to provide a great life for the girls and I. Most importantly, he is my everything.
So this is my plea for scheduling a Pop Up ... a single Pop will help us pay for the weekend (and give you credit for more jewelry)!! I have several dates still available in February and March - let's set something up!

From Anniversary to Watershed!

Do you have problems accessorizing with your current wardrobe? Is it difficult committing to the cost a piece of fashion jewelry? Part of my Chloe + Isabel training focuses on personal styling with an emphasis on convertibility of the jewelry as well as finding many outfits to wear your piece with. Any of our pieces can be styled with your anniversary dinner AND with your cut off jean shorts at a country music concert! Give it a try! Still not sure? Take a chance on our 30-day money back guarantee, 90-day return and LIFETIME warranty. You won't be disappointed.

Shop Lularoe and Chloe & Isabel together!

Friday, Feb. 19th, 7pm

4234 South 247th Court

Kent, WA

My good friend Lindsay Potterf will be hauling ALL of her inventory to my house for a shopping event. Bedrooms will be open to try on all of her Lularoe goodness. I discovered Lularoe last summer and outfitted the girls for school clothes. They are so easy to wear, make some of the cutest outfits and completely addicting! Come shop my favorites: Cassie, Julia, Randy and Irma. You won't believe how easy and convertible they are to wear and Lindsay is a HOOT! Can't wait for you to meet her.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.