By: Walter Dean Myers


Richie Perry, who just got out of high school, is deep in the Vietnam War. Because of his family's economic situation, instead of going to college to be a writer, he joined the Army. He has experienced the tragic death of his squad mates, the deafening sounds of war, and the life changing experience of the "kill or be killed," situation.

"Don't think. Don't even think of God. I thought. I thought of all the good things I had done in my life. I didn't deserve to die. I didn't want to die."

How to reach the author:

Walter Dean Myers' website is- http://www.walterdeanmyers.net/

This book is so great mainly because of the emotional appear you develop with the characters. It is as if you are friends with Peewee, Perry, and the others. Imagine losing your combat brother, it is almost like losing a real brother. Fallen Angels has received many good reviews and multiple awards. "Excellent....Makes the reader feel as if they are there, deep in the heart of war." says The San Diego Union.

Who wouldn't want to read this book?!

If you don't read this book you are missing out big time. Everybody is reading this book, personally I would give it 10/10! GO GET YOUR COPY AT A LOCAL BOOKSTORE NEAR YOU!