Welcome Back

2020-21 School Year

Dear Families

We are so excited to have the students back in school. While we know it will be different than anything any of us are used to, it is our goal to make the school year the best it can be! One of the most important things is communication please use or newsletters to stay informed of important information for 7th-grade students


The 7th Grade Team

This Week in 7th Grade

This week we are sharing our bulliten boards in 7th grade common spaces. As of now, these boards are not focusing on school, but instead, we want to highlight some of the things that we cn do to increase Character, Grit, and Teamwork. The great thing about the information on these boards is that there is no limit to the amount of improvement we can make in these three areas!

Important Dates at a glance

9/21 (B-Day): Protective bags needed for band,

9/22 (A-Day): Protective bags needed for band, Vocab quiz in Social Studies,

9/23 (B-Day): Vocab quiz in Social Studies

9/24 A-Day

9/25 B-Day

Core Class Information

Jennifer Morelock


7th Grade Math

This week we started working on our Envisions Math! The district Star test got unexpectedly pushed back so we will be doing that this upcoming week. I'm so excited to be able to start working on math with these kiddos! Please remember that if you would like to see specific assignments the kids are working on you can ask them to see their Google Classroom, all assignments and activities are listed there!

Nichole Sullinger


7th Grade Science

Class Information

We are now working in our first unit: Force and Motion. This week we covered how to determine if an object has motion and next week will be learning how forces affect the motion of objects. I have so enjoyed getting to meet each student. I have been impressed and excited to work with them this year! I am implementing a flipped classroom this year. This is where students go through the notes at home individually. Then we come back as a class, we recap the main ideas and complete an activity. This way I can be there for them to answer questions and address any misconceptions and students can go through the notes on their own, so they can take the time they need to complete the notes. For this to be beneficial, I really need students to complete the notes at home. Starting next week, students should be completing notes at home on Monday (Group A) and Tuesday (Group B), if you would please follow up with them to ensure they had the notes completed, I would greatly appreciate it. Things that need to be completed next week: - Notes over Force - Net Force activity (in Google Classroom) - Types of Motion Scavenger Hunt - Notes over Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration A Quiz over Motion and Force will be on Sept 28th (A Day) and Sept 29th (B Day).

Tyrone Seymour


7th Grade Social Studies

We are working on our first official unit: World Religions. We will be learning the fundamental beliefs of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. This is always a unit that students enjoy and find to be very informative. This week we will be continuing our work on facts, opinions, beliefs, and belief systems. We will also be examining some of the commonalities of religious belief systems; for example, most belief systems attempt to explain human origins, how people "should live," etc. Please understand that we will be learning about these religious belief systems through an academic lens; we will not judge the validity or correctness of any belief systems. We will not engage in debate or discussion that will attempt to create a "hierarchy" or prove that one belief system is "best" or "better than" another. We are all granted the right to believe whatever we want through the First Amendment of the Constitution, and I would encourage you to have values discussions with your 7th-grader about your family's beliefs are. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

There will be a vocabulary quiz on 9/22-9/23 the 15 words from the quizlet deck that was shared on Friday in google classroom.

Chris Ruiz


7th Grade ELA

This week, our class learned about the various tenses and aspects of verbs, such as present progressive and present perfect, and both comparative and superlative adjectives. We will be covering more of the basic parts of speech in the coming week, as well as finishing up the STAR test for B-Day students, and A-Day's sixth-period students.

Mr. Cerutti


Pre-Algebra and Algebra

Pre-Algebra worked on reviewing decimals and fractions prior to talking about integers (negative whole numbers) this week. Next week we will learn operations with negative numbers!

Algebra worked on reviewing expressions, equations, and inequalities this week in order to move on to new material next week.

From your Elective Teachers


Students are learning about the parts of a Micro:bit Microcontroller, which we will start programming in the next couple of weeks. Students all have myPLTW logins now, and on remote learning days should be logging in to check Google Classroom for their assignments.

- Mrs. Delaney

PE / Health

We are continuing our Lacrosse and Golf units and will be outside as much as possible for the coming weeks. If you have not already joined our Google Classroom, please do so by going to the website: t.ly/cFHt (type this into the address bar and make sure to take note of correct capitalization). Then you can navigate to the proper grade level.

-Coach Milne


This week in art students finished their enneagram personality test and presented their This Is Me presentation. Next week we will be discussing the history of Tikis. Afterwards students will research elements which correspond to their chosen tiki (fire, water, rainbows, music etc.) Students will then design an original tiki and sculpt it out of clay.

-Mr. Elliott

World Languages

Next week World Language students will be focusing on carrying out introductory conversations in French as well as learning their ABCs.

-Mrs. Lackey

Vocal Music

I hope that you and your student had a smooth first week of school! My name is Alexis Duffy (Rolls) and I am the choir director here at Barry. This week, choir students went over our classroom expectations, interacted on Google Classroom, learned about FlipGrid and Screencastify, and were given our classroom syllabus. Syllabus Parent Signatures are due in person by next Friday, September 18th. Their signed syllabus page will be the first grade in their gradebook. I am very much looking forward to communicating with you and working with your student this year in choir. Please contact me if you have any questions at rollsa@platteco.k12.mo.us! Choir Online Resources: -Google Classroom -FlipGrid -Screencastify Choir Classroom Materials: -Choir Binder -Paper -Pencil (They will start keeping these materials in the choir room starting next week!)

-Mrs. Duffy


This week in 7th Grade Band classes we have been reviewing basic skills in preparation for new growth! All remote day assignments are posted in Google Classroom. Our remote day work in band is centered around practice, so it is essential that students are bringing instruments home. Instrument/Bell Covers: All woodwind and brass students need to have their instrument/bell covers in class on their first in-person day next week. If you need help finding materials for a DIY cover, or need to know where to purchase one, please email me and I will help!

September 21st/22nd - Woodwind and Brass students must have instrument/bell covers in class

-Miss. Chesney