St. Clair High School Business

Obtain Valuable Business, Career, & Employability Skills

Statistics show that 80% of all jobs in the U.S. are business related.

St. Clair High School's Business Department offers a wide variety of courses for you to improve your employability skills and learn about different segments of the business world.

Course Offerings:

Introduction to Business (1 year): This course focuses on basic business concepts You will participate in group projects in the areas of economics, entrepreneurship, advertising, international business, consumer protection, career preparation, stocks, and personal finance.

Prerequisite: None

Recommended: 9th & 10th grade

Business Law (1 year): This course stresses the legal rights and responsibilities of the individual in today's society. You will learn how to avoid costly, time-consuming legal mistakes in areas such as contracts, labor law, property and home ownership, consumerism, business ownership, pensions, estate planning law, family law, and credit purchases.

Prerequisite: None

Recommended: 11th & 12 grade

Accounting I (1 year): This course prepares you for your own finanical future and the fundamentals of business accounting. This course is highly recommended for those students learning toward a career in business.

Prerequisite: None

Recommended: 10th-12th grade