3 for Thursday

May 7, 2015

1. NeoK12

NeoK12 is a nice collection of videos arranged by subject that have been individually reviewed by K-12 teachers. Most videos are via YouTube and all the ads have been stripped and related videos removed, which is a great thing! There are also quizzes, games and puzzles as well as a cool presentation creator that helps teachers or students create presentations within the site. The How it Works section is also pretty cool!

2. Just the Right Word

Rhymes.net is a simple search site that returns rhyming words to whatever you enter in the search field. The rhyming words are divided into syllables for ease of use. Synonyms.net is the sister-site that returns a broad list of both synonyms and antonyms for most words. Phrases.net finds common phrases containing your seach term. Use these sites to find the words you need!

3. Prelude to Summer

Check out these engaging activities with a summer theme. (I might have tweaked them a little!) Visit the Scholastic website for even more creative end of year fun!

Invent a recipe for a summer drink and share it with your friends. For example, the Citrus Sizzler: 1/2 cup Sprite, 1/2 cup pineapple juice, 1 spritz lime juice. Write a persuasive paragraph to convince someone to try your creation. Have a taste test!

Hot-weather inventor: Design an invention that you can use during summer. Write an advertisement for your invention and create a class catalog. Some ideas: sunglasses that change color from red to yellow to blue, or a new beach toy.
Design an experiment: How long does it take an ice cube to melt outside in the summer heat? In the refrigerator? In an air conditioned room? Graph the results of your experiment using an online graphing tool such as Create A Graph.

Plan a trip: Have kids use the Internet, travel guidebooks, brochures, and maps to plan a dream day, weekend, or week-long trip. Have students work within a budget and create a spreadsheet of expenditures. Write about the "adventure"!
Record-breakers: Use a stopwatch to time yourself running, dribbling a baseketball, solving math facts, etc... Then try to beat your time. Graph the results. Find your average time or the class average.

Shopaholic: Choose a yummy summer recipe (try allrecipes.com) and create a shopping list of the ingredients at Publix.com. Print your shopping list and write a letter to a parent or other family member asking them to help you make the recipe.

The alphabet game: Choose a well-known location such as the zoo, park, school, etc...Work in groups to list objects that you would see there in alphabetical order. The first group to get to the letter "z" wins OR the group with the most responses after a set time limit. Older students can turn these into ABC books and present to kindergarten and first grade classes.


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