by Mike Mullin

Super Volcanoes

Volcanoes don't often erupt, but when they do it can be catastrophic. The super volcano under Yellowstone erupts and destroys, the main character's alex home and his city. Volcano eruption teaches Alex how to survive on his own. Throughout the novel his life was on the edge literally, he overcame these obstacles with a girl name Karla.

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Setting- Yellowstone National Park- where the supervolcano explodes.Cedar Falls, Iowa- is where Alex and his family live. It's great town, before the volcano eruption destroyed it. Edmunds Farm- Is where Darla lives. Alex travels there after near death situation with the target. Warren Illinois- Is where his unlce lives and his family is there. Alex and Darla seek to go there.


Alex is a typical teenage kid, staying at home for the weekend while his mother, father, and sister go to visit his uncle and his family in Warren, Illinois. Alex Halprin and Darla Edmunds try to survive the aftermath of the Yellowstone Supervolcano. The supervolcano erupts, and there's ash everywhere. Alex takes shelter with his neighbors, and then decides to set off to find his parents in Warren. He travels through the countryside, coming across an escaped convict named Target. Target trys to kill Alex with an axe; he barely escapes, and tumbles into the barn of the Edmunds, Darla, and her mother, Gloria. They help nurse him back to health, and he assists them with their farm chores. Then Alex and Darla decide to go find Alex's family. They both eventually fall in love and survive the Supervolcano.

Main Characters

Alex- Fifteen year old nerd that loves playing videogames. He goes from a spoiled, self-centered sixteen year old boy into a thoughtful, resilient young man capable of surviving the worst the apocalypse has to throw at him. The tougher the world got Alex became for likeable.

Darla- Is tough strong farm girl, who does'nt take nonsense. Eventually falls for Alex and they have a romance. She's smart, never does something that is useless.


The theme was coming of age. Throughout the novel Alex goes from a typical teenager, and becomes a mature adult at a young age. Both Alex and Darla expierence things that many people wouldn't in a lifetime. Both characters develop maturity with the help of each other.