Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

What to expect while going through a case

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You may be nervous about going to your trial. The fear of the unknown can be difficult! But I'm here to put those fears and myths aside and tell you all about what you will see and experience while at your trial! I will also share some of the documents and explain the process of a trial.

Why did this start?

Starting a trial can be very difficult. You may wonder how all of this started. Here are some terms, though, that will put things into perspective. There was a complaint that was filed against you. A complaint is a formal statement that names the plantiff and the defendant and describes the law suit. The plantiff is the person that files the law suit against you. The defendant, which is you, is the person that the law suit is filed against. You, the defendant, then received a summons that told you of the suit against you and told you to appear in court at a certain date and time. You then came to our law firm, Kelley Inc, and we "answered" to the complaint and started to prepare fore the trial.
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Once we "answer" to the court, the pleading comes together. The pleading is the complaint and the answer together. Then the lawyers from both sides gather evidence to help their case. We then have a pretrial conference, which is where the judges would possibly have both parties in a meeting to help clarify differences and prepare for the trial. There is something called arbitration which means that someone comes in, reviews the case, and the makes a decision in favor of one party. these decisions can be confirmed by court. There is a possibility that there could be a settlement if the other party believes that we have a strong case. A mediator could come in and we could have a time of mediation and see if we can negotiate a deal, but if not, we go to trial!


At the trial, there will either be a jury of about 6-12 people that will decide the outcome, or the judge might hear the case alone. The plantiff presents 1st, and then we present. After that, both sides will summarize their cases. Then, the jury or judge decides their case. They mostly base it off of preponderance of evidence, which means that the majority of the evidence favors a particular party. They will then announce the verdict, which is their decision regarding the case. There are two possible outcomes of the case. Eithere you have to pay, or we win and the plantiff has to pay court costs. If the party that loses does not believe that it was a fair trial, then they have the option of appeal, they can take the case to a higher court.
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As said before, we are here to help you and to be sure justice is served. Don't be alarmed by all the steps that go into a trial; we will be there with you every step along the way to success! We are Kelley Inc, and we are here to help you!