U.S citizenship

By: Joe, Nathan, and Tia - Tuesday, october 16th

what are rights, duties, and responsibilities of a good citizen?

a good citizen follows the rules and law under the constitution, has responsibilities, and helping others.

*at home rights- right to food, shelter, healthy lifestyle, clothing, a safe home to live in, and the right to be treated with courtesy and respect.

*at home rules- rules are set by the parents.

*at home responsibilities- means knowing the family rules and following them, helping your parents, cooroperating with your brothers and sisters (if any), and to be honest and fair.

*school rights-right to be treated fairly and with respect, right to learn in a safe classroom, and the right to be challenged.

*school rules- set by school and made to make sure they are safe and healthly.

*school responsibilities- attending school, having integrity, listening to the teacher, respecting others, and to do their homework.

*citizen's rights- our rights under the constitution

*citizen's rules- follow rules to protect the health and safty of an individual.

* citizens responsibilites- be informed, voting, and volenteer.

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