Brooke's Poems!!

By: Brooke

Skittles- Imagery

It was a warm Friday night,

When my friend and I went to the movies.

The excitement I got

Waiting for the cashier to hand me the beautiful,

Rainbow colored package full of fruit-flavored


Walking into the the movie theater,

Tossing the delisious bursting flavor into my mouth,

Just blew my mind!

We were walking out of the theater,

When I looked at my hand,

It was like the look of pouring the Skittles

Into my hand all over again!

The Visit to the Store- Couplet

We went to the store,

And I found a big door.

My dad said we were to poor

To get the big door.

Then I found a door,

That my dad said we could afford!

Sunday-similes and metaphors

Sunday Funday has finally came!

Almost every Sunday around this time of the year,

Me and my dad watch the football games.

We eat snacks like crackers and spray cheese.

The cheese is lightning as it comes out of the can.

The crunch of the crackers sound like stepping on,

The dead leaves in the muggy fall afternoons.

Scrambling defense,

The shrieking when the other team scores,

Anxious fans in the stands,

Coaches waving their hands,

Sweaty players with millions of things running through their heads,

The football, the jerseys,

Most of all the enjoyment!

That's what football is all about!


The leaves danced,

as the wind blew.

The stars shined like

The 4th of July.

And the night was,

Quiet like everything

Has vanished.