Opposing Viewpoints of Education

Should patriotism be promoted in schools?

What are the positive outcomes of saying the Pledge of Alligence everyday in school?

By saying the pledge everyday we create a routine in which students start the day having been reminded they are all equal. By saying it every day you promote unity in schools across the country as well as pride in our nation.

How would giving students Veterans Day off nation wide help schools?

~It would allow better parent, student, and school relationships with veteran parents.

~It serves as a reminder that men and women to this day are giving up limbs so the students can maintain freedom.

Has the loss of patriotism caused more conflict in schools?

Yes, schools have more conflict now that patriotism in them has become less important.

Reason 1 ~School violence has raised significantly since schools stopped enforcing the pledge of allegiance.

Reason 2 ~ Students have began to separate themselves according to race, religion, or home location because, they do not realize we are still one nation no matter what.

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