The Tōhoku

this is the Tōhoku, in 2011,Japan

When it happend.

The Tohoku.An earthquake & tsunami that happened in 2011, Tohoku in April 7th,at 14:46(05:46 in U.S. time.)Thay refer to it as 東日本大震災(Great East Japan Earthquake) at Coordinates 38.322'N and 142.369'E.

Fatality Count

  • 15,893 deaths
  • 6,152 Injures
  • 2,572 missing
  • 127,290 buildings collapse.

Pitchers Found Online from Insident

How it Happend

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The plates caused a Subduction,which made a trench in which made a trench resulting in a tsunami, as well as an earthquake.