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November 2020

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Important Dates in November

Nov. 3 - NO SCHOOL (Election Day)

Nov. 6 - RES Spirit Day

Nov. 10 - PTO Meeting (Virtual @ 6PM)

Nov. 11 - SIP Day 11:15AM Dismissal (Veteran's Day)

Nov. 16-17 - Fall Photo Days (see details below)

Nov. 25-27 - NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

Pick up and drop off procedure reminder

As the school year progresses, please be reminded of the following rules for student pick up and drop off. Allow yourself extra time in the morning as well as in the afternoon. We need your help to ensure that our students arrive and depart safely:

  1. If you are the first car in line dropping off, please pull all the way up to the stop sign at the end of the drive and drop your child. This allows several other cars to pull up and drop off as well.
  2. Please do NOT pass other cars on the left when utilizing curbside pick up/drop off. This creates further traffic and safety issues for everyone.
  3. If you do not want to wait in a line of cars, simply pull into one of our 2 parking lots and walk your child to the sidewalk.
  4. Please do not EVER drop your child off from the front parking lot. We do not have personnel there at the crosswalk to help children walk across to the front sidewalk.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our students safe!

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Birthday Treats

During this phase of reopening, all Dunlap elementary schools are postponing birthday treats. Dunlap elementary schools are trying to limit, to the best of our ability, items being brought into school from the outside. Your child's birthday will still be recognized and celebrated within their classroom.

Halloween Hustle Fun Run

The Halloween Hustle Fun Run will take place outside this Friday, October 30th! Parents of in-person learners, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather as the run will take place outside on the Fox Trail during PE classes. The forecast calls for clear but very cool weather. Remote learners, please enter your child's video on the Flipgrid link sent previously.

Additional Fun Run donations should be turned in to the office no later than Friday, October 30th. We are VERY CLOSE to reaching our goal of $8,000 dollars for the Halloween Hustle PTO fundraiser! Thank you for your continued support of our students, staff, and our school.

NO SCHOOL on Election Day

On May 22, 2020, the Governor signed a law that makes November 3, 2020 (Election Day) a paid holiday for all governmental workers. This will close all public schools in Illinois for the day. This came well after we had approved our school calendar so an adjustment will have to be made. Various school groups like the Illinois Association of School Administrators, Illinois Principals Association, Illinois Education Association, and Illinois Federation of Teachers have worked with the Illinois State Board of Education and the Governor's office to try and have a teachers institute, school improvement day, or a waiver for this holiday since it was signed into law so late in the year and after school calendars had been published. Those requests have been denied, so there will be no school on November 3, 2020. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

USDA Continues Free Meals Program

USDA Extends FREE Meals to ALL Students Through End of School Year, 2021

The USDA is allowing schools participating in the Child Nutrition Programs to serve FREE meals September 1st through end of school year, 2021. All children 18 and younger eating lunch in school or remote are eligible to receive one free meal when lunch is served. We are

encouraging all our families to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity while it’s available.

Remote E-Learners only are encouraged to sign up online. We offer Free meal pick up from all

our schools. Please go to locate the eLearning information and look for

Dunlap Meal Program Form. Pick up times are very tight and strict as cooks are needed back in buildings to serve in-school meals.

Eligible children: 18 years and younger, in district or out and one free meal per child per day

with no forms to fill out. Students will order meals as usual with teacher or come through lunch


In School Information: **Ala carte items, extra milk and milk needed for meals brought from

home will still need to be purchased regardless of your meal benefits. Send Questions to Lisa Leitner, Food Service Director

Ridgeview Staff Celebratory News

The month of November brings some exciting news!

  • Miss Froelich will become Mrs. Aydt as she and her fiancée will be married on November 7th.
  • Mrs. Weiss will celebrate the arrival of her second child very soon. Mrs. Ellen Kuykendall will be her remote maternity sub.
  • Mrs. Johnston will celebrate the arrival of her third child later in November. Mrs. Dana Fitzgerald will be her maternity sub.

Chromebook Tech Support for Remote Learners

The Ridgeview website has a 1:1 Technology button that will help answer the majority of parent questions regarding Canvas FAQ, Chromebook care and Google/Chromebook FAQ. Take some time to familiarize yourself with where to go to find technology assistance.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Chromebook, and cannot find the answers to your questions on any of the tabs in the 1:1 Technology button on the Ridgeview website, please contact the Dunlap IT help desk at

Classroom teachers will not be able to support any issues with technology aside from general login instructions for district platforms.

Fall Picture Day at Ridgeview

Photographers from Inter-State Studio will be on hand, during the afternoon of November 16th and November 17th to photograph all Ridgeview students and staff. Photos will take place in the gym. These photos will be used in the 20-21 Ridgeview Yearbook.

  • In person students will be photographed by class from 12:15PM until 2:15PM on either day, depending on daily class schedules.

  • Remote students whose last names begin with A-M will be photographed on November 16th from 3:00PM to 4:15PM.

  • Remote students whose last names begin with N-Z will be photographed on November 17th from 3:00PM to 4:15PM.

  • No appointment is necessary for remote students, simply enter through the gym doors during your designated day.

Orders will only be accepted online. You may order school photos here with flyer code: 51503GB

Newest IDPH Exclusionary Guidance for Covid-19

The Illinois Department of Public Health has provided yet another update on exclusionary guidance regarding student illness. The IDPH decision tree indicates that any child experiencing any of the following symptoms should remain home. These symptoms include: Fever (100.4 degrees or higher), new onset of moderate to severe headache, shortness of breath, new cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain from unknown cause, new congestion/runny nose, new loss of sense of taste or smell, nausea, fatigue from unknown cause, muscle or body aches. The IDPH strongly recommends medical evaluation and testing for all persons with covid like symptoms.

According to the new decision tree, any student who comes to the office (or is called in by a parent) with one of the symptoms listed above is considered to be in column D., symptomatic individual without diagnostic testing or clinical evaluation. If you follow Column D down, you will see that siblings and household members must be excluded as well. To return to school, any of the three following can happen.

  • The symptomatic child can produce a negative RT-PCR Covid test, which will allow household members/siblings back to school immediately. The test results must indicate that the test is an RT-PCR Covid-19 test. No other test results will be accepted. The symptomatic child can return to school after symptoms have subsided, per district policy. (Column B)
  • The symptomatic child can produce an alternative diagnosis from their physician, explaining their symptoms and must indicate that symptoms are not covid related. This will allow household members/siblings back to school immediately. The symptomatic child can return to school after symptoms have subsided, per district policy. (Column C)
  • The symptomatic child and household members/siblings can return to school ten days after the onset of symptoms, ensuring symptoms have subsided, per district policy. (Column D)
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Dunlap District School Closing Information

Please look for Dunlap District 323 when school closures are announced as Ridgeview Elementary is part of Dunlap District 323.

When are decisions made?

A decision to cancel school may occur between 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. the night before school. In most instances, no later than 6:30 a.m. the next day. In an extreme emergency, we may have to announce early dismissal during the school day. Please read through Dunlap District 323 school closing information.

School closings will be communicated in the following ways:

· School Messenger Phone/Email System/Text Messaging

· TV Stations – Channels 19, 25, 31, and 43

· Local Radio Stations - All local stations

· Dunlap School District Voicemail System

· Notification on

· Dunlap Facebook page

School emergency closings could happen at any time of the year. Parents need to arrange plans with their children (a neighbor, childcare, employer, etc.) on what is expected should an emergency closing occur. Decisions for closure, delayed start or to dismiss school early are always a judgment call; however, we do use some general criteria in making such decisions.

Outdoor Recess

As stated on page 10 of the Dunlap Elementary Student Handbook, Students have planned recess periods throughout the day to provide a break from the structured academic program. Since recess usually will be held outdoors, students must dress appropriately for these play periods. As a rule, all children are expected to participate in recess when the temperature is 15 degrees or above (this includes wind chill temperatures).

November 11 - Veteran's Day

As we know, November 11 is recognized as Veteran's Day. This year, school will be in session, however, this will be a School Improvement Day. Students are dismissed at 11:15 that day and staff will be engaged in afternoon professional development. Elementary school staff will spend the afternoon learning more about the impact of setting clear success criteria for students and aligning our assessment practices with instructional outcomes.

Visitors and Volunteers

In an effort to follow the guidelines set forth for our return to school, visitors will only be allowed in very unique and absolutely necessary circumstances. These visits would have to be pre-approved by building administration ahead of time. Lunch guests will not be allowed due to the factors indicated previously as well as capacity limitations.

A pick up/drop off corner has been established in the foyer for items that need to be dropped off or picked up. Please call to alert office staff (309-243-7717) ahead of time if you have an item to drop off and be sure to clearly label the item with your child's name and their teacher.

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Ridgeview Information

School Start Time: 7:39 a.m.

School Dismissal Time: 2:45 p.m. (2:15 every Wedensday)

K Lunch = 10:15-10:45

1st Lunch = 10:45-11:15

2nd Lunch = 11:15-11:45

3rd Lunch = 11:45-12:15

4th Lunch = 12:15-12:45

5th Lunch = 12:45-1:15