Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions! :)

Interesting inventions by Leonardo Da Vinci! Check it out!

About Leonardo!(:

Leonardo is known for being of of the GREATEST inventors, ever! Leonardo has invented things such as the ball bearing, Parachute, Machine gun, and etc. These inventions are very useful to this day! Looks like Mr. Leonardo did us a favor! To find out about some of Leonardo's interesting inventions read below! ----->
Leonardo was an EXTRODIANRY inventor. He created things we would probably never even think about inventing! How he did it? I have no idea! He was a great inventor though! I know that! Wanna know more about Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions? just go to, http://www.davincilife.com/ or http://www.mos.org/leonardo/ . Those are just the sites I say you could learn more about him at! Thanks for reading! Let me know if you find otu some more stuff about him :)