Fine Arts Teacher

Sydney Morgan

Job Description

Evaluate and grade work, performances, projects. Demonstrate artistic techniques/abilities, such as sculpting, painting, design and craft or general vocal abilities.

Working Conditions

On a typical day, you are on your feet for most of the day teaching and training the students. Being a fine arts teacher you are not at a desk a lot, you are up and moving, helping the students. Hours for this job are regular work day hours, anywhere from 10 to 13 hours of work. Generally, fine art teachers teach alone but may have 1 or 2 others teaching different aspects of the course. You always have to be thinking fast and creatively!

Training/Education Requirements

A bachelor's degree in fine arts is the minimum education required for these occupations. Some may require graduate school. For example, a masters degree in fine arts or P.H.D. Employees may require some on the job training but most assume they will already have the required skills.

Personal Characteristics

Some key qualities that fine arts teacher should have would be an engaging personality, curiosity, patients, classroom management skills, passion for children, open minded and hearted, and just all around caring.
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Earnings & Job Outlook

The average annual salary of an art, music or drama teacher ranges anywhere from $47,120 to $91,580. When finding a job markets vary from place to place. The only way to know if a place is looking to hire someone to fill a fine arts position is to put you from place to place.