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August Updates

Back to School!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! We excited to welcome all of our students back to school, virtually and in-person. Challenges and questions abound, but our staff is committed to providing a safe and positive academic experience for all Parr students. We cannot do it alone. Thank you, in advance, for your support, cooperation, and patience.

Please complete Back to School Forms in Skyward by August 10. You will select from two learning options: Clear Connections or Brick and Mortar. Your selections will help us form classes and assign teachers. The CCISD Safely Reopen Plan includes detailed information about both options. You will not have a chance to select Clear Connections after August 10th.

All Back-to-School events will take place virtually this year. Stay tuned for details!

We are working with CCISD Technology to distribute laptops to our 4th and 5th graders before school begins. Devices for students in K-3 are on the way at a later date. Stay tuned for details!

Our front office will be open, by appointment only, beginning Monday August 3rd. Please call 281-284-4100 for assistance.

If you are new to the Parr Family….WELCOME!

Stay Safe and Stay Connected

First day of School

August 24th-first day of school for Brick and Mortar(School to home online learning) and Clear Connections

August 31st-Pre K/Kinder and self contained Special Education classrooms(Alternate Academics, Social Development) will return to campus if Brick and Mortar was chosen

September 14-1st-5th grade students return to campus if Brick and Mortar was chosen

Back to School Forms

This is a friendly reminder that our Back to School forms are available in Skyward. Along with the normal back to school forms, you will also be selecting one of two learning options-Brick and Mortar or Clear Connections.

Brick and Mortar- due to the rising COVID numbers, we will be starting the year on August 24th with online learning (School to Home learning). Once it is deemed safe to return, we will be brick and mortar with safety measures put into place. During School to Home learning, teachers will be providing synchronous (live, real time instruction) and asynchronous (self-paced) learning.

Clear Connections is CCISD’s online school. Clear Connections will follow CCISD curriculum. If this is chosen, students must stay in Clear Connections for at least 9 weeks. Students may return to brick and mortar at the end of any 9 week grading period. There is a possibility that Clear Connections students may be taught by a Parr teacher based on the number of students from Parr who choose this option. Even if you choose Clear Connections, your child will still be a Parr Patriot!

If you need any more information about these choices, you can visit the CCISD website.

Completing Back to School forms

To make your choice about the type of learning for your student and to complete the back to school forms, you will need to log into your Skyward Family Access Account. It is recommended that you use a computer to log in and complete these forms. We want to make sure we have an accurate list of students returning to school and if they plan to be brick and mortar or Clear Connections. This will help us build class lists and determine staffing needs. We ask that parents complete their annual back-to-school forms online by August 10, 2020. If your child will be new to Parr this year and you enrolled them before July 13th, you will need to fill out the Back to School forms. If you are having trouble logging into your Skyward account or have any questions, please call the front office at 281-284-4100. If you need to use a computer on campus to complete your forms, you can schedule an appointment to come in and use the computer lab. We are asking that only one person per family come to campus. No walk-ins will be permitted at this time.

Directions for completing Back to School forms:

Log into Skyward

Click on Back to School Forms

Complete and submit every form. If one is left blank, it will not let you complete verification. Look for the green check, which will tell you that the form is complete. Please pay close attention to your emergency contacts. If you have family members or friends who may need to pick up your child, you will need to make sure they are on the list.

A change for this year-all documents will be uploaded to your child’s Skyward account instead of turning in a copy of your utility bill to the front office. You may upload your current utility bill (electric, gas or water) no later than

August 10, 2020 to verify school attendance for class list and scheduling purposes. If you are unable to upload your documents, you may take a picture of them and email the picture to and our data specialist will upload it for you.

You are able to upload your documents by clicking on the online forms button(see pic below)

Residency Affidavits must be completed every year with a new notarized form. Please call the office if you have questions about this. These forms can be found on the CCISD website.

Students who are not planning to return to Parr should contact the office at 281-284-4100.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

If we select Clear Connections, will my child be in the same class with other Parr students?


Will the Clear Connections teacher be a Parr Faculty member?

Most likely. We are working to keep Clear Connections students with home campus teachers. In grade levels where Clear Connections enrollment is lower, students could be placed with a teacher and students from a neighboring campus.

If we select Clear Connections, will my child still benefit from special programs (e.g. Special Education, GT)?


If we select Clear Connections, will we still be part of the Parr Family?

Yes, yes, and yes! Your child will be “co-enrolled” in Clear Connections and Parr Elementary. You will still receive all communication from Parr, and your child will have the opportunity to participate in the same extra-curricular activities as Brick and Mortar students. You can also join Parr PTA.

I know this is a difficult decision for many families. Please call or email if you need more information or guidance.

Are you new to Parr?

If you are new to Parr this year and enrolled before July 13th, you must complete the back to school forms and submit back to school enrollment documents to the campus.

If you enrolled after July 13th, you only need to submit enrollment documents to the campus

Reminder: All Parr families must submit a new utility bill(less than 30 days old) through Skyward forms.

Please watch for emails about Virtual Meet the Teacher and device pick up for 4th/5th graders

Don't Forget to Register your Kindergartener!!

20-21 School Supply Lists


Although it is not a typical school year, our curriculum will remain rigorous. Our curriculum has embedded things students may have missed during the 2019-2020 school year into the current grade curriculum.


The district is requiring all students to wear face masks while social distancing measures are in place. They will need to cover your child's nose and mouth. We suggest you practice wearing a mask at home for short periods of time to help your child adjust and to make sure they fit appropriately. We recommend labeling your child's mask also. Another good idea is to have 5 masks so they have a clean mask everyday. We will have a limited supply of masks available in case students forget a mask or lose it during the day.

Water Bottles

Please make sure your child has a large, NON-SPILL water bottle that your child can open by themselves. Your child will have the opportunity to refill the bottle during day from the classroom sink or you can send an extra plastic water bottle in their backpack.

Social Distancing

Students will be practicing social distancing throughout the school day. Have your child practice respecting personal boundaries of others and maintaining their own personal space. Have them visualize themselves inside a hula hoop.

Health Protocols

Clear Creek ISD has a team of medical professionals monitoring the latest in the COVID-19 pandemic. In this short video, Coordinator of Health Services Marina Keeton gives information on CCISD's health protocols and tips for parents sending their children to Brick and Mortar this school year.

· Students (as developmentally-appropriate), staff and visitors will wear a face mask/covering when entering a CCISD facility.

· Hand sanitizer stations will be available upon entry and throughout CCISD facilities.

· Visitors proceeding beyond the secure vestibule area will be subject to screening by way of a symptom screening form.

· All staff will be required to take a COVID-19 Health Assessment prior to coming to work every day.

· Parents will be asked to administer the COVID-19 Health Assessment daily prior to sending their children to school, take their temperature, and keep them home if ill.

Safely Reopen - Health Guidelines

Cafeteria Protocols

· Cafeteria and serving areas will be cleaned between uses.

· Students may eat in various locations throughout the building to maximize social distancing.

· All CCISD child nutrition staff will use face coverings/masks and gloves.

· Implementing new card system to limit cash transactions.

Safely Reopen - Cafeteria Guidelines

Bus Transportation


· Since social distancing will not always be possible on our buses, students utilizing bus transportation will be required to wear face coverings, as developmentally-appropriate.

· Bus drivers will also wear face coverings.

· Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry and throughout the campus.

· Buses will cleaned between each transportation run and disinfected nightly.

Cleaning Protocols

The safety and health of our students is our top priority every year in CCISD, but we understand our cleaning procedures need to be intensified to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.

· On each campus, there will be cleaning throughout the day of high touch areas and restrooms.

· Each night every classroom will be disinfected.

· Classrooms will be provided hand sanitizer and disinfecting supplies to be used between classes.

· Reduction of shared supplies.

· Students encouraged to clean desk area when they arrive and before leaving.

· CCISD Board of Trustees approved hiring 24 additional custodians, bringing total to four on each campus.

Safely Reopen - Cleaning Guidelines
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