Chechnya, Russia

By: Alyssa and Leila

Chechnya and Russia conflict

During the period 1818-1917 the Chechens were active opponents of the Russian conquest of the Caucasus. After the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Chechens (including Dagestan) declared independence. Tens of thousands of non-Chechen ethnicity left the republic with reports of violence and discrimination against the non-Chechen republic (mostly the Russian, Ukraine, and Armenians). Chechen's industry began to fall since many Russian engineers and workers started to leave because of the many discrimination in the public section of the work force.
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After the First Chechen War was a war between the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria fought from December 1994-1995. Between 30,000 to 100,00 killed, 200,000 injured, while 500,000 people became homeless. This conflict led to a significant decrease of non-Chechen population due to violence and discrimination. Russia became an independent nation in December 1991. While Russia became the successor to the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) they lost a significant amount of military and economic power. Significant ethnic and religious differences posed a threat of political broke up in some regions.

"We won't let anyone violate our rights in our own country or interfere in Russia's domestic affairs." the leader of the republic outlined.


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