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Monday: November 16, 2015

Working together with families in a partnership of teachers, staff and community members to provide an individualized learning environment that fosters high achievement in core and elective areas; preparing students for life-long success.

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Packets are Locked!

Sponsors - As of this morning we have a small group of students who have still not met the State of Alaska School Immunization requirements.

A few weeks ago we sent notices to parents alerting them to their student's status and requesting specific information.

Debbie will be sending you an e-mail with the names of your sponsor students who are still out of compliance. Please work with them to get the required forms into our office by Wednesday, December 9th.

Student packets have been locked. Parents will not be able to get into their packets and the business office will not fulfill any order or reimbursement requests. Since this is a State requirement, we will have no choice but to administratively withdraw any non-compliant students from program.

Thank you for your assistance!

Still Missing Dongle

Help! The dongle that we use to connect our laptops to the smart board still missing. If you know where it is hiding, would you please help it find its way back home?

Business Cards

If you you haven't already done so and would like to update your ASD/FPCS Business card, please go into "district connect" under "other resources" to fill out the template. This is a wonderful way to help your families and our students stay connected. It's also great for those times when you are out and about in the community and have the opportunity to tell other's about the great things our teachers and students do.

  • Title: Sponsor Teacher OR Instructional Teacher
  • Website: familypartnership.asdk12.org
  • Address: 401 E. Fireweed Ln, Suite 100 (99503)

Supporting Struggling Youth

Special Inservice (updated dates)

Wendi Shackelford (former APD/ASD Resource Officer) from UAA's Center for Human Development's "Project Aware" program is offering (FREE to schools) a wonderful training series for adults who regularly work with youth and adolescents.

The course is designed help participants learn how to support a youth that is developing signs and symptoms of mental illness or emotional crisis.

Friday: December 4th - 8:00 to 12:00 (Youth Mental Health First Aid)

Friday: December 11th - 8:00 - 12:00 (Youth Mental Health First Aid)

------------------------------------- 12:00 - 2:00 (Holiday Lunch Party)

------------------------------------- 2:00 - 3:00 (MAP/Danielson)

December 4th is optional for the Instructional Cadre but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who teach (Crosspoint M/W) middle and high schoolers.

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First Ever Holiday Lunch Party for Teachers & Staff

Come and enjoy a relaxing hearty homemade meal in the company of colleagues.

Please bring a wrapped snowman themed gift for the gift exchange.

Hosted by: The Office Staff

When: Friday, December 11

Time: 12:00 - 2:00

Where: A Pie Stop (3020 Minnesota Dr. Suite 1 Anchorage, AK. 99503)

Running Low

We need your help. In just a little over 2 months, we've gone through an entire pallet of copier paper (10 cases). Out next order is not due to arrive until the middle of January (and that has to last us until the end of May). Please monitor your use of the copier.

Just in case you weren't aware, we've included a special provision in our lease agreement with Crosspoint this year to pay a flat rate for your use of their coper.

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Student Highlights

Can you believe that November is already upon us and that we're two weeks into the second quarter? I'd like put out a special "Highlights" edition of the TIDBITS.

Please send me images (landscaped photos) of student work or information regarding notable student achievement. If your images are of student, we must have a media release form on file.

Important Dates

  • November 16: JBER field trip - contact Aimee Sims
  • November 16: NHS Meeting @ 5:00 p.m. - contact Kjirsten Langland
  • November 16, 17, and 19: WorkKeys Assessment @ FPCS Office
  • November 23 - 27: Office Closed for Thanksgiving
  • December 2: 1st Semester Reimbursement deadline (4:00 p.m.)

[Deadlines in BOLD | Student Activities UNDERLINED]

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