Japanese Business

by Jake Marshall


Three major exports in Japan are cars or other motor vehicles, technology and software, and fish.


Japan is located in eastern Asia, off the coast of China and Korea. In area, it is 145,925 square miles and has a population of 127.6 million people. It is known for upholding it's age-old traditions and customs.

The current unemployment rate is about 3.9%, or about 3 million people.

GDP and GDP per capita

The GDP of Japan in 2011 was 5.867 trillion U.S. dollars. The GDP per capita in 2011 was 45,902.67 U.S. dollars.

Japan's balance of trade is currently negative. In July 2013, it was reported to be -1023.96 billion yen, or about -10 billion dollars.


The official currency of Japan is the yen, one yen is equal to $ 0.0101. It is the third most traded currency in the foreign exchange market after the U.S. dollar and the euro.

The business culture in Japan is very traditional. It is important to form relationships with the business leaders, to show respect, and try to be diplomatic at all times. Business travelers to Japan should bring a supply of business cards when they come to Japan. Printing bilingual cards is easier for business. Business cards are exchanged to formalize the introduction process and establish the status of the parties relative to each other. Keep the business card close and safe, as if the person who gave it to you was the card. Japanese bow when greeting each other but will expect to shake hands with foreign executives. A slight bow in acknowledgment of a Japanese bow is appreciated. When going to Japan for business, BRING AN INTERPRETER! It will make communication and business meetings go a lot smoother.

Trade Barriers

Japan has an informal tariff on agriculture and several manufacturing industries. Japan has high tariffs on milled rice, tea and coffee, and cosmetics, causing prices to sky rocket.

Some major multi-national car companies are Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Suzuki, who combined sell over 20 million passenger cars every year. Another major company that does business in America is Nintendo. Nintendo manufactures video games and consoles.