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News you can use.....

  • If you are needed additional off clock PD hours you might want to check out an Ed Camp. Edcamp Dallas (Plano) is scheduled for Oct 15.

  • Edcamp Prosper is scheduled for Oct. 29. For info on "what is Ed Camp" see Leyna or Dana.

  • As of Sept. 30th 115 classes had been finished compared to this time last year only 43 had been completed.

  • Thank you for your participation today. I hope you found it helpful and clarifying, but if you have any questions, please let me know.
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  • Oct 8 - Parent Empowerment Series - Social Media
  • Oct 10 - Holiday
  • Oct 11 - RTI (Francisco G.,, Jake W. and Jacob J.) - Please make sure forms are completed.
  • Oct 12 - Make up Fire Drill
  • Oct 12 - Homeroom - Complete Needs Survey
  • Oct 12 - RTI (Daniel G.) - Please make sure form is completed.
  • Oct 13 - Tornado Drill
  • Oct 16 - Creating a Trauma Sensitive Classroom Training - after school in Room 110
  • Oct 17 - 28 - SOC Food Drive
  • Oct 17 - 20 TAKS testing - we will be using the ISS portable
  • Oct 18 - PLC in Cafe @ 3:30
  • Oct 19 - Jim's Bday
  • Oct 19 - PSAT Testing for 10th and 11th graders
  • Oct 19 - Wellness Committee Meeting
  • Oct 20 - AP Meetings
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When a student fails do you ask yourself where you went wrong or where they went wrong?

Relationships first....

Log into the student learning hub below to read a new article about showing our students we care.

I know you all have a lot on your plate, but don't forget that you have access to Dr. Schuermann's PBIS modules. Click the link below and select purchasing and viewing. The pin is fri14023

Instructional Strategies

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  • Julia and Stephanie for helping out where ever needed.
  • All the positive emails Jennifer has sent to her student's parents.
  • Michael and Judy for working with Mia to graduate after receiving disappointing news.
  • Leyna and Sarah for all their work on the presentation for Friday.
  • Beena for have the patients to have a very challenging student 3 times a day.
  • Lisa for getting everything ready for the Student Parent Empowerment presentation tomorrow.
  • Trudi, Joe, Leyna and Karen M. for helping Sue clean up and set up the cafeteria for the Student Parent Empowerment presentation tomorrow.
  • Everyone who had a had in helping 3 students graduate this week. Kionna R, Mikayla C., Jessica D.
  • Judy for helping clean up on the technology after PD on Friday.