Parents Wanted

Please stop reading now if you are a boring parent.


  • Be funny
  • Likes animals
  • Has a car
  • Has a job(at least one Parent)
  • Must Care
  • Be able to cook good food
  • Be a Vikings Fan
  • Let kids be independent
  • Not overly nice
  • Be clean
  • Has to like kids
  • Be able to read
  • Nice personality
  • Tell things straight up, good or bad
  • Not be embarrassing
  • Just not be boring

Duties and Responsibility

  • Give kids a safe environment to live in
  • Make sure kids get nutritional food and water
  • Ship kids off to school
  • Pay attention to how your kids feel
  • Cook for family dinners
  • Pick up around the house
  • Drive kids to and from sports
  • Make sure kids have essentials
  • Set guidelines of how the family will act
  • Be there when kids need you most


There will be many benefits to becoming a parent. One of the benefits given is that you can pick how many kids you are willing to watch over. As a parent you will do many many things for the kids, and it will be tough work, but we guarantee you that you will get one Saturday every month to yourself. Also to addition of becoming a parent we will give you fifty cents for every time you recommend someone to us and they decide to join.


The salary will not be very big as we are an organization that is trying to find good homes for kids. Along with all the benefits included in this job you will get paid around fifteen dollars per kid you take on for one year. For example if you decide to take three kids you will get paid forty-five dollars a year. We do realize we are asking a lot, but we hope that you look at what is best for the kids and their future, and not just the money.

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions please feel free to call us or text us, it's really up to you. Please do not feel free to contact us if you have any negativity. Any complaints that you may wish to discuss can be handled no where because we do not wish to here it. Thank you for your time. Again sorry for the rudeness, but we wish that people will understand that we just want the best for the children in our life.