First Aid Safety for Children

Pediatric First Aid and CPR

If a Child is Ill or Injured.....

1) Check for responsiveness - with an infant, try flicking the bottom of their foot

2) If there is no response, call 911

3) Open their airway by tilting their head back

4) Check for breathing

5) Give 2 rescue breaths - pinch their nose shut

6) Check for severe bleeding

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If a Conscious Child is Choking.....

1) Give 5 back blows

2) Give 5 abdominal blows

3) Continue step 2 until their condition changes

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If an Infant is Consciously Choking.....

1) Hold infant stomach down and give 5 back blows

2) Turn infant over, thrust 2-3 fingers 1 1/2 inches into the chest, 5 times

3) Continue step 3 until condition changes

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More Tips and Information

-When doing CPR on an infant, only use 2-3 fingers to do compressions

-For a child, only push 2 inches into the chest (for an infant, only 1 1/2)

-If a child is having a seizure, remove nearby objects and monitor breathing after it passes

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